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Collection: Hand or Airless Spray Applied Polyurea and SilaCote

Suppliers of SilaCote Liquid Coatings

SilaCote waterproof and protective hand or airless spray applied liquid coatings.


Primers are not normally required for most substrates please refer to the datasheet to check the required or for further information please call our technical support team.

Suitable for flat roof waterproofing including balconies, walkways, podium decks, and most structural waterproofing.

Shipping Rates for London and UK 

We have a fast delivery service for polymer liquid coatings, to get materials to site when they are needed. Our shipping cost for orders over £300 plus VAT is £65 plus VAT. This rate applies to all major cities throughout the UK.

Please call or email our sales team for shipping costs for areas not listed below.

  • Greater London
  • West Midlands (Birmingham)
  • Greater Manchester
  • West Yorkshire (Leeds-Bradford)
  • Merseyside (Liverpool)
  • South Yorkshire (Sheffield)
  • Tyne & Wear (Newcastle)
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Manchester
  • Bradford
  • Liverpool
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Sunderland
  • Wolverhampton
10 products
  • MasterSeal M 860 Polyurea 30 KG
  • CONIPROOF 413 Polyurea 25 KG
  • VIP Quick ROLL 2K Polyurea 26.5 KG
  • VIP Quick ROLL 2K SF Polyurea 25.7 KG
  • CONIPROOF 414 Polyurea 25 KG
  • MasterSeal M 861 Polyurea 10 KG
  • SilaCote ST 100 (10 L)
  • SilaCote Spray Applied 10 L
  • SilaCote ST 300 (10 L)
  • SilaCote ST 200 (10 L)