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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Used For: Rubber Flat Roof Promenade Tile or Walkway Pad for increasing the wear resistance on rubber flat roofs. Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic.  Size: 760mm x 760mm  Material: EPDM Rubber with Pressure sensitive adhesive strips
Manufactured from hard wearing SBR rubber granules which combine durability, an exceptional level of “soft – feel” impact absorbency, plus sound absorption and thermal insulation. These high performance tiles work well in the harshest climate conditions, successfully resisting cracking, shifting and heaving.
This is a 200gsm Non-woven Geotextile Fleece Underlay that can be used for:  -Laying under rubber membrane when mechanically fixing with Russ fixings to existing roof covering -Laying on top of rubber membrane to help protect when installing a ballasted top layer

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