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About Clever Shield Polyurea Hand Applied Coatings

Specialist liquid coatings and structural waterproofing products.

For complete asset protection from the roof to the basement, we supply flat roof waterproof liquid coating systems, basement waterproofing products (including design and supply compliant with British Standards), damp proofing products, structural repair materials, timber and concrete treatments and anti-condensation products.

Structural Waterproofing Products

Bespoke design service for structural waterproofing projects including basements.

Most companies will not take responsibility for the design work of large scale projects, but working with our manufacturers and their highly knowledgeable team, we will ensure your designs are compliant with British Standards from start finish. No project is too big or small.
Just call our technical team for pricing and support or free site visit (where required) for BBA and ETAG compliant waterproof roof coatings, basement waterproofing, damp treatment, gas proofing, wood preservation and protection, cellar conversions and tanking.
Basement Waterproofing

Approved and accredited products

Architects, specifiers and project managers can have confidence, knowing that our waterproof liquid roof coatings and structural waterproofing materials are manufactured by the largest chemical companies in the world and are fully tried, tested and certified.

Flat Roof Waterproofing

Liquid coating consultants

Our technical support team are NACE qualified and have many years experience with the application of many different types of waterproof liquid coatings.

We offer expert advice to evaluate which coating is most suitable for your structural waterproofing project including:-

  • Durability. ...
  • Bonding ability. ...
  • Curing time. ...
  • Track record. ...
  • UV stability.

We understand the on-site challenges of application. Our coatings and our technical support address these known issues in order to make application easier and less costly.

Liquid Coating for Structural Waterproofing


Our network of professional applicators are fully trained and accredited for the application of Polyurea and SilaCote liquid waterproof and protective coatings. 

Applications include:-

▶Waterproofing for new build roofs, repair or refurbishment projects
▶Flat roofs, terraces, podium decks
▶Balconies and patios
▶Recoating failed single ply roofs
▶Roof detailing, e.g. light domes, air conditioning outlets
▶Internal plant rooms and wet rooms
▶Ponds, fountains and water features (100% Fish Safe Pond)
▶Warm roofs, cold roofs, and inverted warm roofs
▶Green roofs, brown roofs and living walls
▶Horizontal under-tile waterproofing
▶Waterproofing gutters, valley gutters and drainage channels
▶Heritage properties and lead replacement
▶Tank flotation compartments
▶Car park decks, flooring, walls
▶Water containment (DRI / WRAS)
▶Industrial tanks
▶Secondary containment

Clever Shield Waterproof and Protective Liquid Coating Suppliers


Protective and waterproof liquid coating membranes all have a manufacturer's warranty and we can provide an IBG (Insurance Backed Guarantee) where required.

Industrial Waterproof Liquid Coatings

You’re in good hands

  • All products are BBA / ETAG Compliant and fully fire rated.
  • Manufactured with ISO9001 and ISO14001 to meet customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Our technical support team are experienced and qualified
  • Applicators are fully trained and experienced
  • Basement contractors are members of the Basement Waterproofing Association

From a simple do-it-yourself flat roof, balcony or walkway patch repair (for leaking GRP, mineral felt, asphalt roofs etc.) to a complete flat roof coating application / thermal upgrade, new basement or basement repair.

Fast product delivery service is available to the London area and most of the UK.