Liquid Coating Consultants and Distributors for the Leading Polymer Coating Manufacturers

Including Ultraflex, Desmopol, Tecnopol, MasterSeal, VIP, Sika, BASF, SilaCote, Eagle, and Conica. 

VIP Flat Roof Liquid Coating

Aside from the specialist structural waterproofing solutions we provide, we supply premium liquid coating systems to applicators for roofs, balconies, walkways, stairs and flooring.

We offer project support and assistance for all aspects of flat roof waterproofing and protective coatings including qualified advice on surface preparation.

With so many flat roof waterproofing products available, choosing the right coating and getting qualified project support can be sometimes difficult. Our experienced technical support team can give expert advice as to which is the best coating and how the substrate should be best prepared to ensure the coatings best performance and longevity.

Hand or Airless Spray Applied Polyurea and SilaCote.

Below we provide a link for the hand applied polyurea or SilaCote liquid coatings from each of the world leading manufacturers together with the primers you may require.

For further information please call our technical support team 0800 7022176.

MasterSeal Roof Waterproof Liquid Coatings (Paint or Roller on)
Conica Roof Waterproof Liquid Coatings (Paint or Roller on)
BASF Hand Applied Polyurea
Conica Hand Applied Polyurea
Sika Roof Waterproof Liquid Coatings (Paint or Roller on)
VIP Roof Waterproof Liquid Coatings (Paint or Roller on)
SIKA Hand Applied Polyurea
VIP Hand Applied Polyurea
MaterSeal Polyurea Flat Roof Waterproof Liquid Coatings
Conica Polyurea Hotsray Applied Polyurea
BASF Hotspray Applied Polyurea
CONICA Hotspray Applied Polyurea
Sika Hotsray Applied Polyurea
VIP Hotsray Applied Polyurea
SIKA Hotspray Applied Polyurea
VIP Hotspray Applied Polyurea
SilaCote Waterproof Roof Coating (paint or roller on )
Hydradek waterproof roof coating (paint or roller applied)
SilaCote Hand Applied Coatings
Hydradek Hand Applied Coatings