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Clever Shield are specialist suppliers of products manufactured by The Wykamol Group - The UKs leading manufacturer of structural waterproofing and property renovation products, with over 80 years of experience.­­­

Wykamol manufacture a complete range of BBA approved construction materials and are the only manufacturers of cavity drain membranes in the UK.


Wykamol Structural waterproofing materials to British Standard 8102:2022 type A, B and C.

Wykamol Structural waterproofing materials to British Standard 8102:202 type A, B and C. CM8, CM3, CM20, SureProof Waterproof Membranes, Pumps, Tanking and Damp Proofing Products

Type A - Tanked barrier systems for vertical or horizontal concrete and masonry - Sheet membranes / Gas barrier membranes - Liquid coating systems - Cementitious systems

Type B - Concrete waterproofing as defined in BS 8102:2022 - Waterproofing materials for structural waterproofing through design with the integration of type B systems into the structure during construction.

Cementitious waterproofing / Cement-based polymer coating products and joint sealants

Type C - Waterproofing combination systems that manage water ingress.

Structural waterproof membranes, tapes and fixing products - Floor drainage systems - Sump pumps and pipework

When it comes to waterproof applications, the Wykamol Group has a huge range of products, from cement-based tanking powders to specialist epoxy coatings. In recent times however and since the changes to BS8102, cavity drain membranes have fast become the choice for most contractors in the UK marketplace.

Structural Waterproofing Products

Type A

Wykamol Type A Waterproofing Proofing Products including CM8 CM3 and CM20 Cavity Wall Membranes

Type B

Wykamol Type B Waterproofing Proofing Products including Kicker Joint Swellmax Waterstop Cemflex VB Plate Wall Joint and Waterproof Concrete.jpg

Type C

Wykamol Type C Waterproofing Proofing Products Universal Mortar Geotexile CM8 CM20 Waterguard Floor Channel Basement Sump Pumps


Structural Repair, Waterproofing and Surface Treatment

Wykamol Waterproofing Proofing Products Hydradry and Waterstop


The history of the Wykamol Group

Bespoke design service for basement waterproofing projects.

Most companies will not take responsibility for the design work of large-scale projects, but working with our manufacturers and their highly knowledgeable team, we will ensure your designs are compliant with British Standards from start finish. No project is too big or small. Just call our technical team for further details read more...

Working with Wykamol, Clever Shield are able to offer our customers the very best structural waterproofing and remedial products together with basement design and construction compliant with British Standards.

Our nationwide network of Accredited Contractors offers peace-of-mind guarantees, backed up by independent insurance.

The history of the Wykamol Group