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Two part EP resin primer, fast and low temperature curing, solvent free

CONIFLOOR 118 is a solvent free, low viscosity; two component fast and at low temperature curing epoxy resin based primer.

CONIFLOOR 118 is supplied in working packs, which contain the correct proportions of component A (resin) and component B (hardener).


CONIFLOOR 118 is designed for use as a primer on mineral substrates indoors and outdoors such as concrete and cementitious screeds.

It is suitable for use as a pore and capillary sealing. For this purpose the product is – after mixing of component A and B – filled with oven dried quartz sand. The degree of filling depends on the temperatures as well as on the thickness of the layer and should be between 0.5 up to 1 for a scratch coat and up to 8 parts as an epoxy mortar referred to the primer (ratio by weight).

  • CONIFLOOR 118 is solvent free and has very low viscosity and therefore shows high capillary activity. The primer cures in between a few hours and for this reduce the re-coating interval.

  • The material has very good adhesion to substrates based on minerals and / or cement. The primer can is all purpose.

  • The yellowing which occurs when exposed to UV light does not impair its technical properties. Fully cured, CONIFLOOR 118 exhibits very good mechanical properties. It is resistant to water, sea and waste water as well as to a variety of alkalis, diluted acids, brine, mineral oils, lubricants and fuels.

CONIFLOOR 110 Datasheet