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Drainflo 360

Drainflo 360

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The Drainflo 360 system comprises of a polyethylene tank, locking access cover (pedestrian duty only, not suitable for roadways) and a powerful submersible pump. The system is very versatile, enabling the installer to locate inlets to their specifications.


Suitable for removing waste from toilets, water basins, showers and bidets.

  • Large storage capacity
  • Hidden due to below ground installation
  • Silent operation
  • Powerful pump for longer lifespan
  • High pump rates and distance

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              Product Code MAGNA360PUMPM
              Pack Size 1 per pack
              Power Supply 230V AC 50Hz
              Mains Power Cable Length 10 metre
              Weight 95 Kg
              Dimensions 1250 mm x 850 mm
              Max Vertical Output 14 m
              Max Horizontal Output 150 mm