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GP TITAN Liquid Gas Barrier

GP TITAN Liquid Gas Barrier

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GP TITAN Liquid Gas Barrier offers a simple, continuous, passive gas prevention barrier against the ingree of methane, carbon dioxide, radon, ground gases, VOCs, air and moisture into buildings. The barrier also acts as a waterproofing membrane complying with BS8102:2009 as a Type A Waterproofing membrane. It can also be used as a DPM on floors and walls.


GP TITAN Liquid Gas Barrier can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. A minimum application of 1.0 mm dry coat thickness is required to provide a gas barrier.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Manufactured to meet the most up to date British Standards - BS8102:2009
  • High resistance to ground gases
  • Waterproofing barrier and gas proofing barrier in one

    GP TITAN Membrane Brochure

    Insulation Guide
    Product Description GP TITAN Liquid Gas Barrier
    Product Code GPLGB
    Packaging and Size 15 Kg
    Coverage Up to 7.5 m²
    Storage Store in a sealed container, in temperatures between 5°C and 35° C, protected from frost and direct sunlight
    Shelf Life 12 months in unopened packaging