Pro Sump Kit 12.5 Pump Green Chamber (1 x 303 Single, Powerflo, Battery Back Up & Alarm)

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Wykamol’s new Super Sump Chamber has many new benefits but clearly the most important one is the extended neck on the chamber. 

This has the benefit of allowing the contractor to install the sump chamber kit and not having worry about getting levels perfect at that time and not knowing sometimes when subcontracting what the floor finishes may be. By installing our new Super Sump, this problem area has been eliminated, it can be installed and cut down to suit levels after the waterproofing has been carried out. 

The 250mm extended neck has specialist ribs set at 5mm increments so the contractor can jigsaw this down to suit the finish at a later stage rather than currently having to build levels up to the chamber in some instances. 

This will make life easier for the specialist contractor on site and save time rather than having the householder change their minds on finishes. 

The chamber also has many new benefits including 3 new perimeter channel inlets to direct channels straight into the chamber itself. Alongside this, there is ample space to include 100 mm and 50mm inlets. 

A new silt grate system has been installed at moulding stage to allow silt to be kept away from the pump itself and direct any debris to the bottom of the tank and not get caught up in the impeller. 

A new lid system has been designed that slots over the neck of the chamber and will accept standard 450mm inlaid or manhole chamber covers.

Alongside this we have also added bolt down points on the bottom of the chamber to aid with installation in high water areas whilst waiting for the concrete to set and to aid if placed in a concrete pit with other equipment. 

Overall, this new chamber has many benefits that can help the specialist contractor in his basement waterproofing works    

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