Zettex PU 40 IF - One Component Elastic Joint Sealant

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Zettex PU 40 IF: Zettex PU 40 IF Cartridge 310 ml
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Zettex PU 40 IF is a one-component elastic joint sealant and versatile adhesive sealant based on polyurethane.

PU 40 IF cures by air humidity. Suitable for both internal and external use. Zettex PU 40 IF is often used as a joint sealant for both vertical and horizontal joints on the most common substrates in construction and industry. Zettex PU 40 IF is Isocyanate free and thus shrinkage free, fast drying, and safe for people and the environment.

Zettex PU 40 IF is also suitable as an expansion joint sealant and has excellent UV, chlorine, moisture, and mould resistance. Zettex PU 40 IF is also suitable as sealant for liquid tight floors. Pre-testing is recommended.

  • Permanently flexible

  • Stable - no shrinkage

  • Can be used as adhesive and sealant

  • Bonds to almost all substrates found in construction and industry

  • Replaces rivets and mechanical fixings

  • Vibration- and sound insulating properties

  • Excellent resistance to ageing, weather influences and suitable for both interior and exterior use

  • Paintable with most water and solvent-based paint


The surface must be clean and free of dust, physical water, and oil. Remove uncured adhesive residues with

Zettex Professional Cleaner. Zettex PU 40 IF has strong adhesive properties, on most building materials, without

the use of a primer beforehand.

- Long-term resistance to water, seawater, alkalis, and detergents. Short term resistant against petrol, grease,

and mineral oils. Not resistant to organic acids, concentrated mineral acids and heavily concentrated solvents.

- Apply PU 40 IF by using the Zettex Caulkgun. Temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees are the ideal

conditions for both PU 40 and the substrate to be treated.

- Avoid exposure to chlorine. Do not harden in the presence of silicones. Clean tools with Zettex Professional

Cleaner and hands with Zettex Cleaning Wipes! Cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Safety recommendations

Please read the MSDS for this product before use.


Characteristics Specifications

Appearance Thixotropic paste

Colour White, grey, and black. Other colours on request

Composition Polyurethane

Hardening Hardening by air humidity

Volume cure [mm] 3 (1 day at 23°C and 50% r.h.) 2,0 – 3,0

Shore A (23°C and 50% r.h.; DIN 53505) 45 - 50

Density [g/cc]

Black: 1,31 +- 0,02

Grey: 1,33 +- 0,02

White: 1,35 +- 0,02

Tack free time [min] (23°C and 50% r.h.) 45-75

Tensile strength [N/mm2] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) >2,5

Elongation at break [%] (ISO 37 DIN 53504) ≥ 450

Processing temperature (℃) from +5℃ till +40℃

Temperature Resistance -40℃/+90℃, short period up to 120℃

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