About Wykamol – market leaders in the development and supply of products for property renovation and repairs for more than 80 years.
The Wykamol Group has been involved in waterproof applications for over 40 years and was a founder member of the British Wood Preserving and Damp Proof Association.

In 1934, their founder, Stanley Richardson was called to help with a deathwatch beetle infestation at Winchester Cathedral. Stanley recognised a niche for a company that could develop and manufacture chemicals to treat and protect against decay and insect attack; and soon Wykamol was born.

The decades since have seen Wykamol consistently lead the way in specialist treatments and solutions for rising, penetrating and condensation damp; dry rot; woodworm infestations; structural repair and more.

Using their state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory, they develop products that not only perform superbly, but are safe to use, and minimise environmental impact.

Wykamol has the industry’s most diverse product portfolio, and their continuous investment into pioneering new ranges and the ongoing evolution of established mainstream products, means Wykamol is destined to stay at the top.

Today, the Wykamol Group incorporates Stanhope Chemicals Ltd. – another leading light in the remedial market, acquired in 1996 – and Lectros International Ltd., which was bought in August 2000.

They boast a diverse client base, ranging from contractors to local authorities, and they work with us to advise architects, builders, and homeowners on specific projects and their particular requirements.

Product Certification and Warranties

Wykamol products are BBA and ETAG compliant to fully meet UK regulations and have manufacture warranty.

For the most complete product range of remedial solutions around, Wykamol has it all.


For pricing, please speak with our technical support team or to request product data sheets, please call 01268 472358 or you can email info@clevershield.co.uk.Wykamol Specialist Structural Waterproofing Product Suppliers and Basement Design and Construction Experts