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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 products
Paint and Coating Rollers and Sleeves Pack of 1 x Arm & 10Paint and Coating Rollers and Sleeves - 100mm Roller Sleeves
Eagle 4-9" Solvent Resistant Rollers and Sleeves
Sale priceFrom £10.85 inc.VAT
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Adhesive Mixing Paddle Tools
Clever Shield Adhesive Mixing Paddle
Sale price£3.90 inc.VAT
Cartridge Gun Skeleton 310ml
Newton Cartridge Gun Skeleton
Sale price£9.95 inc.VAT
Membrane Scissors
Clever Shield Membrane Scissors
Sale price£3.15 inc.VAT
Save £3.13 inc.VAT
Newton Hydrobond Application Ancillaries - HBA4 -Pulsa 800P+Newton Hydrobond Application Ancillaries - SA2K - 2K -
Newton Waterproofing Newton Hydrobond Application Ancillaries
Sale priceFrom £9.89 inc.VAT Regular price£13.02 inc.VAT
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100mm Mini Roller With Two Sleeves Tools
GRP Wall Fillet Trim (D260)GRP Wall Fillet Trim (D260)
Clever Shield GRP Wall Fillet Trim (D260)
Sale price£14.00 inc.VAT
Roller Extending Pole
Clever Shield Roller Extending Pole
Sale price£5.94 inc.VAT
Save £8.52 inc.VAT
Antislip ScanGrit For GRP - 25kgAntislip ScanGrit For GRP - 25kg
Clever Shield Antislip ScanGrit For GRP - 25kg
Sale price£23.70 inc.VAT Regular price£32.22 inc.VAT
Silverline - Skeleton Caulking Gun
Steinel HG2320E Heat Gun 240V
Clever Shield Steinel HG2320E Heat Gun 240V
Sale price£168.50 inc.VAT
Steinel HG2220E Heat Gun 240V
Clever Shield Steinel HG2220E Heat Gun 240V
Sale price£162.50 inc.VAT
Silicon Seam RollerSilicon Seam Roller
Clever Shield Silicon Seam Roller
Sale price£17.50 inc.VAT
Harris Roller Set
Clever Shield Harris Roller Set
Sale price£4.15 inc.VAT
Professional Installation Kit
Clever Shield Professional Installation Kit
Sale price£45.00 inc.VAT
Penny RollerPenny Roller
Clever Shield Penny Roller
Sale price£15.00 inc.VAT
For use with our Self Adhesive (Heat Weldable) Membrane.
DIY Installation Kit
Clever Shield DIY Installation Kit
Sale price£18.90 inc.VAT
DIY Seam Roller
Clever Shield DIY Seam Roller
Sale price£4.75 inc.VAT
40mm Brush
Clever Shield 40mm Brush
Sale price£1.26 inc.VAT
7 Resin Applicator Roller (Trade Pack)
30mm Stainless Steel Fixing Pins (50 Pack)

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