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Limelite Whitewall One Coat Plaster is designed for use on cavity drain membranes and solid substrates, such as brick, block and stone.
Newton Waterproofing One Coat - Limelite Whitewall Plaster
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Limelite High Impact Finishing plaster is a hard, durable and breathable finishing plaster designed for use with Limelite Renovating Plaster as well as traditional sand and cement mixes.
Newton Waterproofing Limelite High Impact Finishing Plaster for Mesh Membranes
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Repair Express PlasterRepair Express Plaster - 250ml x 12 / White
Soudal Repair Express Plaster
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Limelite Renovating Plaster has been developed specifically for use in renovation projects. It offers many of the advantages of a traditional lime plaster but with easier workability and far quicker drying times.Tarmac Limelite Renovating Plaster - 25KG - One Coat
Newton Waterproofing Limelite Renovating Plaster
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Mixers, Stirrers, Buckets and Mixing Stands When mixing any of Newton’s advanced Liquid Waterproofing Membranes, High Build Cement Mortars, or Coatings, Newton Waterproofing Systems recommends that Collomix mixing technology and equipment be used in order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your mixing on-site.Mixers Stirrers Buckets and Mixing Stands
Clever Shield Mixers, Stirrers, Buckets and Mixing Stands
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Newton Hydroseal 203-RM - Hard-Wearing Non-Shrink Rapid Cure
Newton Waterproofing Newton Hydrocoat 203-RM
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