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Wykamol Heat Recovery Ventilator

Wykamol Heat Recovery Ventilator

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The Wykamol Heat Recovery Ventilator replaces stale, moisture laden and unhealthy air with filtered, fresh, warmed air from outside the property.

The continuous control of relative humidity levels ensures that conditions in which condensation or mould growth problems can develop and thrive, will not exist.

For installations where wall thickness exceeds 356 mm, add an extension kit to the Wykamol Heat Recovery Ventilator.

  • Quiet
  • Up to 86% Heat Recovery
  • Easy to install (no external access required - 152 mm Core Drill)
  • Continuous running trickle ventilation
  • Humidity sensor (preset or adjustable)
  • Night sensor allows for bedroom installation
  • Health benefit - Produces dramatic health improvements of indoor air quality
  • Low running costs
  • Tamper proof screws (optional)
  • Energy savings - differential payback within 4 years against conventional extractor fans
  • Balanced airflow (input and extract)
  • Security ventilation (no need to open windows)
  • Meets IEE, SELC and Building Regulation Requirements
Product Description Wykamol Heat Recovery Ventilator Wykamol Heat Recovery Ventilator Extension Kit
Packaging and Size 1 per pack 1 per pack
Shelf Life 2 years 2 years