Are discoloured patches appearing on your interior walls? Is wallpaper peeling or paint blistering? These are common signs of rising damp, a prevalent issue in older buildings.

Rising damp typically occurs due to the absence of a damp proof course (DPC) during construction or a compromised damp proof membrane. Implementing a remedial DPC is often a cost-efficient solution that minimizes property disruption.

Unchecked rising damp can lead to structural degradation, timber decay, and mould growth, posing health risks to occupants.

The primary cause of rising damp is moisture from the soil surrounding a building's foundation. This moisture carries salts, which accumulate within the masonry, worsening dampness over time.

Identifying the type of dampness affecting your building is crucial for effective treatment. Rising damp and penetrating damp have distinct symptoms and require different approaches.

Treatment Options:

  • Damp Proof Membrane (DPM): Impermeable plastic sheets create a barrier between damp walls and internal finishes, preventing moisture penetration.

    Clever Shield offers high-quality DPMs from top brands like Newton Waterproofing. Our membranes effectively combat rising damp, penetrating damp, and salt contamination.

    Ancillary Products: Fixing plugs and sealing tapes complement DPMs, enhancing protection against dampness.

    DPM Kits: Complete kits streamline the purchasing process, ensuring the right number of fixing plugs and sealing materials.

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