Flexitec 2020 GRP

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
Sold in 1m widths, enter the total length (area) required in meters. 225g Chopped Strand Matting provides reinforcement to the new roof and helps ensure a consistent application of resin whilst providing a tough, smooth finish. This product is suitable for Flexitec 2020 and Arboflex PU. Apply by roller approximately two-thirds of the resin to the roof surface, the matting is laid in place with a 50mm overlap. Work the matting into the resin before applying the remaining one-third
Arboflex Liquid Coating Matting
Sale price£2.26 inc.VAT
Flexitec 2020 Adhesion Test KitFlexitec 2020 Adhesion Test Kit
Flexitec 2020 Metal Primer 4 LitresFlexitec 2020 Metal Primer 4 Litres
Clever Shield Flexitec 2020 Metal Primer
Sale price£188.35 inc.VAT
Flexitec 2020 Primer 5kgFlexitec 2020 Primer 5kg
Clever Shield Flexitec 2020 Primer
Sale price£114.00 inc.VAT
Flexitec 2020 Powder Hardener 1kgFlexitec 2020 Powder Hardener 1kg
Clever Shield Flexitec 2020 Powder Hardener
Sale price£46.20 inc.VAT
Flexi-Tec 2020 GRP Kit (10m2)Flexi-Tec 2020 GRP Kit (10m2)
Clever Shield Flexi-Tec 2020 GRP Kit (10m2)
Sale price£395.40 inc.VAT
Flexitec 2020 Resin Accelerator 300gFlexitec 2020 Resin Accelerator 300g
Flexitec 2020 Powder HardenerFlexitec 2020 Powder Hardener
Clever Shield Flexitec 2020 Powder Hardener
Sale price£45.99 inc.VAT

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