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Save £218.00 inc.VAT

Size: 1.5m x 10m x 2 Rolls (30m2)
Color: Black
Sale price£581.00 inc.VAT Regular price£799.00 inc.VAT


PEELAFFIX20 is a self-adhesive EPDM waterproofing membrane composed of vulcanised EPDM synthetic rubber and a side that is fully adhesive. The self-adhesive side is preserved by a white-coloured silicone film.

20 Year Manufacturers Warranty (50 Years Life Expectancy) 


Applications: All waterproofing, metal roofs, flat and sloping wooden roofs, bitumen, pir panels and other roofs, including all types of gutters and window frames.

No primer required for wood or indeed most substrates.

Technical Specification

Technical data of external EPDM side



PeelaFix20 100

PeelaFix20 120

PeelaFix20 130

EPDM Nominal Thickness

EN 1849-2

0,8 mm

1,0 mm

1,1 mm

Tensile strength (L/T)

EN 12311-2

≥ 9 MPa

Lengthening (L/T)

EN 12311-2

≥ 400 %

Impact resistance

EN 12691 (A)

≥ 200 mm

Tear resistance

EN 12310-2

≥ 30 N


EN 1928 (B)


Lap peeling resistance

EN 12316-2

≥ 40 N/50 mm

Lap shearing resistance

EN 12317-2

≥ 210 N/50 mm

Folding at low temperature

EN 495-5

≤ -45o C

Dimensional Stability

EN 1107-2

≤ 0,5 %

External fire behaviour

EN 13501-5

B ROOF (t1)

Reaction to fire

EN 13501-1


Technical data of EPDM adhesive side

Polyacrylate-based dispersion adhesive Adhesive intermediate mesh netting layer




Adhesive weight approx.

190 g/m2

Adhesive total thickness

0,19 mm

Peeling resistance

AFERA 5001

≥ 29 N/25 mm

Thermal stability

(internal test)

-40 °C a 130 °C

  • Excellent resistance to ozone, UV radiation and weathering.

  • Elasticity from -45 oC to 130 oC.

  • Easy and quick to install.

  • High adhesive power with immediate effect.

  • Homogeneous adhesion on the entire surface.

  • Avoids manual dosing and application of adhesives.

  • No waiting time for drying and/or evaporation of adhesive solvents.

  • Excellent resistance to moisture and weathering after bonding.

  • Clean and environmentally friendly system by saving on consumables such as brushes, rollers, cans, and others.


Substrates must be inherently solid, stable, and free of loose particles. At time of application, they must be clean, dry, free of dust and/or grease. In case of poor substrates where the material forms dust or granules, or porous or fragile substrates, it is recommended to apply a consolidating primer to prepare the surface for proper adhesion. Adhere to an application temperature from 5 °C to 35 °C.

Once the membrane has been unwound and positioned on the surface in its final position, making sure not to create wrinkles or tensions, let it rest for about 30 minutes to release the winding tensions. Remove the white silicone protective film without moving the membrane from its position by stretching it horizontally at a 45° angle. To start the bonding process, brush with a stiff bristle brush (non-metallic) from the centre of the roll outwards to the sides and finally run the system’s silicone roller over the film to ensure it is in contact with the substrate over the entire surface.

The joints between the sheets must overlap by at least 10 cm. Run the silicone roller over them while applying pressure and finally apply a sealing bead on the edge with PEELAFFIX20 Bond, bevelling it with a spatula. To fix singular points in 3D, where the membrane must be moulded to three different planes, the system has the Flashing mouldable strip, after priming with Primer, to mould it to these forms, following the same instructions concerning the state of the substrate as mentioned above.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

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