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HydraDry Universal Mortar
HydraDry Universal Mortar
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HydraDry Universal Mortar

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HydraDry Universal Mortar is a single component, thixotropic, fibre reinforced, polymer modified cementitious mortar. The product cures to produce a high performance, fair faced levelling coat, render and profile mortar with enhanced waterproofing properties.

  • Waterproofing and protection against water and moisture
  • Mortar for waterproofing, levelling and re-profilin
  • Filler at wall/floor, wall/wall and wall/ceiling junctions
  • Foundations, slabs, retaining walls etc.
  • Drinking water structures, when finishes with HydraDry Tanking Slurry
  • High build repair mortar
  • Part of the HydraDry Tanking System
  • Ideal for use with specialist waterproofing systems such as tanking slurry
  • Fibre reinforced to give improved tensile and impact strength
  • High bond strength which ensure monolithic performance
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications
  • Wide range of applications from a single product
  • Economic mortar which generally requires no substrate inter-layer priming
  • Dense matrix provides excellent protection from moisture and chlorides
  • Factory batched mortar which provides consistent quality
Product Description HydraDry Universal Mortar 25 Kg Bag in Grey
Product Code UNIMORT
Packaging and Size 25 Kg bag
Typical Coverage Approx. 1.40 m² at 10 mm thickness (dependent on substrate)
Storage Store off the ground in dry, frost free conditions
Shelf Life 12 months when unopened, undamaged and stored correctly


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