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Newton Hydrocoat 104 Super

Save £19.00 inc.VAT

Size: 25KG
Color: Grey
Sale price£94.99 inc.VAT Regular price£113.99 inc.VAT


One-Part Cystaline Cementitious Slurry.

Applied to the surface of concrete, HydroSeal / HydroTank 104 provides in-depth protection against the movement of moisture through the capillaries and hairline cracks.

The active chemicals within HydroSeal & HydroTank 104 combine with the free lime and moisture present within the capillaries to form insoluble crystalline complexes which effectively block the capillaries and any minor shrinkage cracks to prevent any further movement of moisture to provide a totally dry surface to the concrete.

Large areas can be quickly treated with HydroSeal / HydroTank 104. The speed of application and the low material application rate (1 kg/m2) makes HydroSeal / HydroTank 104 a very low cost option for a large number of scenarios.

Because HydroSeal / HydroTank 104 penetrates deep into the concrete, it does not leave a physical membrane to the surface of the concrete element and so is completely unaffected by loadings imposed by further elements of the build. New concrete elements are placed ‘concrete to concrete’ with no potential for slip or separation as is the case with physical membranes. This makes HydroSeal / HydroTank 104 particularly useful as a means of isolating moisture within pile caps, ring beams and kicker joints to internal walls.

Key Benefits
  • Ease of application – sprinkled on to new concrete and applied as a simple slurry to vertical and cured concrete.
  • Permeates deep into the concrete to form a barrier against moisture that cannot be damaged or punctured.
  • Loading capabilities only limited by the strength of the concrete.
  • No physical membrane – subsequent concrete placement is ‘concrete to concrete’.
  • Concrete treated with HydroSeal / HydroTank 104 remains vapour permeable, allowing the structure to ‘breathe’.
  • Easy to detail and specify as the concrete surface becomes the membrane.
  • Very cost effective alternative to conventional physical membranes.
  • Sealing of cracks up to 0.3mm resulting in dry concrete with less reinforceing steel requirement.
Typical Applications
  • Pile caps and ring beams.
  • Support plinths.
  • Sealing of concrete surfaces.
  • Isolation of internal walls from moisture in the kicker joint.
  • Isolation of internal walls from moisture at the abutment with earth retained walls.
Suitable Substrate

Concrete with reinforcement to BS EN 1992 (Eurocode 2) with crack mitigation to 0.3mm

Product Data

Code: 104

Packaging: 25kg (Single Component)

Colour: Grey

Application Rate: 1kg/m²

Technical Data
 Cured Performance  Result
Colour Grey
Membrane thickness  N/A
Adhesion to concrete > 0.8 MPa
Tensile adhesion  0.7 MPa
Elongation  3 to 5%
Loading capability  As concrete applied to MPa
Water permeability  < 5.0 x 10-13
Water penetration < 20mm
Fire testing – non-combustibility  Non-combustable

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