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Titan-Pro Spares

Save £1.92 inc.VAT

Material: TPK1 - Anti-Drip Kit
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Titan-Pro Spares


Anti-Drip Kit


Drainage Fit Kit 2xD21+ 4 x 45°


Blanks Kit


Conduit Kit


Wet Install Kit 3 X Plugs


Newton Fountain Valve x 2


Bulkhead 50mm


Bulkhead 63mm (high volume/sewage)


Heavy Duty Jubilee Clips 40-55mmHi Grip


Gel Connector pack of 4


2" Rubber gasket for TPW pipe workconnections

Titan-Pro Spares

Titan-Pro Sump - Included Parts

Sump, pre-drilled ready for all incoming and outgoing connections
A. 63 mm uPVC Bulk-Head fitting ready for connection
of the rising main - two are supplied with twin rising
main systems
B. 2 x 63 mm uPVC Bulk-Head fittings ready for
connection from the Basedrain or Floordrain drainage
C. 1 x 63 mm to 50 mm uPVC reducer (one for each
rising main)
D. 50 mm uPVC discharge line ‘S’ bend for the raising of
the discharge line to the slab level (one per discharge
line). NOTE: 63 mm rising main option - Parts C, D
and L are removed from the build and are replaced
with 63 mm parts. If 63 mm discharge pipe is to be
used, this must be confirmed at order
E. 2 x 63 mm uPVC Inlet line ‘S’ bends for the lowering of
the drainage in line from the slab level to the sump
F. 2 x Newton Drainage Adaptors for connection of
Newton Floordrain to the 63 mm drainage inlet
G. 2 x 63 mm flexi connecting pipe for connection of
the Drainage Adaptors to the 63 mm ‘S’ Bends of the
drainage inlets
H. 2 x 63 mm blanks for sealing the inlet to the 63 mm
‘S’ Bends to protect from concrete ingress during
I. 4 x 60 mm blanks for the blanking off of unused
inlet and outlet holes drilled to the sump. When
twin pumps with separate discharge pumps are
ordered, this outlet will be fitted with a second BulkHead connection with a single union ready for the
connection of the second pump
J. 1 x 32 mm and 1 x 40 mm, 5 m conduits and
connection to sump for pump power cables and
alarm cable (exploded)
K. 1 x 450 x 450 mm Polypropylene Frame with
Galvanised 46 mm Recessed Lid - (alternative lids
available - see page 6)
L. 1 x 50 mm blank for sealing to pump discharge line
to protect from concrete ingress during installationSpares for the Titan-Pro Sump System

The Titan-Pro packaged sump system is designed specifically to be used with the Newton CDM System.

The adjustable neck allows for the sump to be installed at a fixed height relative to the slab so that the connection in from the Newton drainage system and the pump discharge line are made above the concrete, and always at the same height relative to the slab or raft.

The sump can be used with single and twin pumps and twin pumps with twin discharge lines for greater pump efficiency.

The unique sump shape together with a choice of inlet and outlet positions allow for connections in and out of the chamber to be made to either a side wall or to a corner.

Key Benefits
  • Compatible with Newton CP pumps, NP pumps and NP eco pumps
  • Adjustable neck ensures that the lid is always at the correct height, regardless of floor finishes
  • Supplied with sealed and locked recess lid. High-end finish lids and frames are available as cost options
  • Flat areas to side of chamber, ready for wall flanges to receive incoming 110 mm drainage pipes. Wall flanges are available as cost options
  • Large foot to base of chamber to prevent flotation
  • Anti-Drip system available for the inside of the chamber
  • Sump is always set into the slab at the same height, meaning connections in from Newton Basedrain System and connections out of the chamber are at the same height with every installation
Typical Applications
  • The Titan-Pro is specifically designed to be used with the Newton CDM System, our ‘Type C’ cavity drain waterproofing system
  • Basements and cellars
  • Light-wells
  • Surface water pumping receiving water from gullies and surface slot drainage

BS 8102:2009 the British Standard for Waterproofing

The British Standard 8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground is the main design guide for structural waterproofing in the UK.

Newton System 500 is a maintainable system, so complies with BS 8102 requirements. BS 8102 also specifies that “a waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing is created”.

Therefore it is our recommendation that the Newton CDM System is installed by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC).

Pump Configurations & Product Codes

The Titan-Pro chamber can be purchased as a bare sump or as a fully built pumping system. As a bare pump, it can be supplied with or without lid and frame and either pre-drilled and un-drilled.

Sump Chambers

If you only need a chamber or want to order your pumps separately, choose from our drilled and undrilled Titan-Pro chambers, both with and without lids.

Code Drilled Lid Description
TPC No No Titan-Pro Sump Chamber only
TPCD Yes No Titan-Pro Sump Chamber – Drilled
TPC&L No Yes Titan-Pro Sump Chamber with Lid
TPCD&L Yes Yes Titan-Pro Sump Chamber with Lid & Drilled

Sump Chambers & Pumps

A Newton PA50 High Water Level Alarm is included with automatic pump systems.

For more information on the individual pump units that can be ordered with the Titan-Pro chamber, call our Technical Team on 0800 7022176

Built Systems – Twin pumps – 1 x Rising main
Code Pump Model No. of Pumps Auto or Manual Rising Mains
CDM1 CP250 2 Automatic 1
CDM2 CP250 2 Manual 1
CDM3 CP400 2 Automatic 1
CDM4 CP400 2 Manual 1
CDM5 NP400 2 Automatic 1
CDM6 NP400 2 Manual 1
CDM5 eco NP400 eco 2 Manual 1
CDM6 eco NP400 eco 2 Auto 1
CDM7 CP750 2 Automatic 1
CDM8 CP750 2 Manual 1
CDM11 eco NP750 eco 2 Automatic 1
CDM12 eco NP750 eco 2 Manual 1

Where increased pump flow (pump duty assist) is required, twin rising main systems should be considered.

Built Systems – Twin pumps – 2 x Rising main
Code Pump Model No. of Pumps Auto or Manual Rising Mains
CDM9 CP750 2 Automatic 2
CDM10 CP750 2 Manual 2
CDM13 eco NP750 eco 2 Automatic 2
CDM14 eco NP750 eco 2 Manual 2

Newton pumps prefixed NP are supplied by Newton Waterproofing Systems with a 3-year back-to-base warranty. This is increased to 5-years if under a servicing regime by a Newton approved servicing company/engineer.

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