We offer a range of Basement Waterproofing Kits tailored to different room sizes and technical requirements, allowing you to save money while achieving optimal waterproofing results.

Transform Your Basement with Clever Shield's Innovative Waterproofing Products

Basement waterproofing is the crucial first step in converting a damp or leaking underground space into a valuable, functional area that enhances your property's value.

At Clever Shield, we proudly distribute top-quality basement waterproofing products on behalf of leading vendors such as Newton Waterproofing. Our comprehensive guide covers the three primary types of waterproofing systems and products that effectively combat basement dampness and create the perfect environment for your needs, including basement tanking, tanking membranes, and drainage systems.

Our expert team provides personalised advice and support to ensure your domestic or commercial basement remains dry and protected from water ingress or flooding.

We offer a range of Basement Waterproofing Kits tailored to different room sizes and technical requirements, allowing you to save money while achieving optimal waterproofing results. Reach out to us at 01268 472358 or fill out our contact form, and we'll promptly assist you.

Understanding Basement Waterproofing

Basements endure significant hydrostatic pressure from surrounding water and soil, leading to cracks, leaks, and dampness. Proper waterproofing prevents water from infiltrating your basement, transforming it into a liveable space.

We offer three main solutions:

We customise systems by combining these product types to create the most effective waterproofing strategy for your basement, saving you money on costly repairs and renovations.

Choosing the Best Waterproofing System

For retrofitting existing underground spaces or basement conversions, our specialists recommend Type C systems with damp-proof membranes and drainage channels included in our Basement Waterproofing Kits.

For new constructions, we implement cementitious tanking solutions and integrated waterproofing measures to combat water intrusion effectively.

To determine the ideal waterproofing solution for your needs and budget, contact our experienced waterproofing team for a thorough property survey.

Unlock the potential of your basement with Clever Shield's innovative waterproofing products. Contact us today on 01268 472358 and transform your basement into a dry, usable space while saving money on installation and future maintenance costs.

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