Clever Shield Now Offering CleverSumps: Efficient Water

Clever Shield Now Offering CleverSumps: Efficient Water Pumping Solutions

Clever Shield is excited to offer CleverSumps' range of fully automatic packaged pumping stations. Designed to pump ground, surface, storm, grey, and foul water to higher levels, these systems are ideal where gravity drainage is impractical or costly.

CleverSump CleverSump Pump and Pump Chamber

Customizable and Versatile

CleverSumps' stations can be tailored to meet any site's needs. Available in polyethylene and GRP, with single or twin pump configurations and single or three-phase power options, these systems are highly adaptable.

CleverSump Twin CleverSumpTwin Pump and Pump Chamber

Suitable for Various Applications

Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial sites, CleverSumps ensure reliable water management regardless of the application.

CleverSump Pro CleverSump Pro Pump and Pump Chamber

Key Features

  • Extensive Model Range: Suitable for diverse applications.
  • Flexible Power Options: Single and three-phase power supplies.
  • Pump Configurations: Single or twin pump options.
  • Enhanced Features: Easy valve access, unique chamber construction, and benching.
  • Variable Inlet Positions: Versatile installation options.
  • High-Level Alarms and Battery Backup: Ensures continuous operation.
Cleversump XL Pro Twin Cleversump XL Pro Twin Pump and Pump

Why Choose CleverSumps from Clever Shield?

Opt for a customisable, reliable, and efficient water management solution. With high-level alarms and battery backups, CleverSumps offer added security and peace of mind.

Cleversump XL Pro Cleversump XL Pro Pump and Pump Chamber


Clever Shield's offering of CleverSumps' pumping stations provides versatile, customisable, and dependable water management solutions. Contact us today to find the perfect pumping solution for your site.

Foul Sump (Macerator) Foul Sump (Macerator) Pump and Pump

For more information and to browse our full range of products, visit Clever Shield or call our customer services team.

T: 0800 7022176

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