Clever Shield: Proud to Be an Approved Wykamol Distributor

Clever Shield is delighted to announce our partnership as an approved distributor of Wykamol products, bringing their innovative and high-quality building solutions to our customers.

About Wykamol

A Rich History of Innovation Founded in 1934 by Stanley Richardson, Wykamol began its journey by tackling a deathwatch beetle infestation at Winchester Cathedral. This sparked the creation of a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing chemicals to combat decay and insect attacks. Over the years, Wykamol has become a leader in providing specialist treatments for issues such as rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation damp, dry rot, woodworm infestations, and structural repairs.

State-of-the-Art Development Wykamol's in-house laboratory is a hub of innovation, creating highly effective, safe, and environmentally friendly products. Their commitment to excellence has resulted in the industry's most diverse product portfolio, with continuous investment in new products and the evolution of established solutions ensuring their leadership in the field.

Expanding the Legacy Today, Wykamol Group includes Stanhope Chemicals Ltd. and Lectros International Ltd., acquisitions that have bolstered Wykamol’s position in the remedial market. Their extensive client base, including contractors, local authorities, architects, builders, and homeowners, benefits from Wykamol’s expert advice and tailored solutions for specific projects.

Certified Quality and Reliability Wykamol products are BBA and ETAG compliant, fully meeting UK regulations and offering manufacturer warranties for added peace of mind. Their comprehensive range of remedial solutions ensures that Wykamol stands unrivaled in the industry.

Wykamol Product Range Available at Clever Shield

Damp Proofing:

  • Protect structures from moisture, ensuring durability.

Water-proofing & Gas Control:

  • Cavity Drain & Mesh Membranes: CM8, CM3 & CM20
  • Quadproof Ultra Membrane: Superior waterproofing and gas control for enhanced safety.

Structural Repairs:

  • Strengthen and restore building integrity.

Timber Treatments:

  • Protect against decay and insect damage.

Surface Treatments:

  • High-performance coatings for surface durability and aesthetics.


  • Prevent condensation-related issues, maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Wykamol Eco Range:

  • Environmentally friendly building solutions.

Roof & Balcony Liquid PU Waterproofing Membrane System:

  • Hydradek Liquid PU System: Long-lasting waterproofing for roofs and balconies.

By partnering with Wykamol, Clever Shield is committed to providing top-tier solutions for your building and renovation needs. Explore our range of Wykamol products and discover how these innovative solutions can benefit your next project

For pricing, please speak with our technical support team or to request product data sheets, please call 01268 472358 or you can email Specialist Structural Waterproofing Product Suppliers and Basement Design and Construction Experts