Resimac - Graffiti Resistant Wall Coating

Graffiti Resistant Wall Coating - 2 component water based UV stable polyurethane wall coating, semi gloss finish - white and clear.

RESICHEM 520 WALL COAT UV – water based polyurethane wall coating.

Resichem 520 Wall Coating UV is a high performance UV stable water based coating designed for use on external and internal wall surfaces.

The coating is based on a blend of water-borne acrylic and urethane polymers in combination with colour stable chemical resistant pigments to provide a coating which offers outstanding weather, chemical and abrasion resistance together with excellent gloss, graffiti resistance and colour stability.

UV stable • Graffiti resistant
• Flexible and hard wearing

Typical applications

• Factory walls
• Police cells
• Hospital walls
• Laboratories
• External surfaces
• Warehouses
• Food factories
• Offices

Resimac - Graffiti Resistant Wall Coating

Resichem 521 GP Epoxy Primer is a high performance multi-purpose water-based epoxy primer specifically developed to act as a tie coat over existing coated surfaces or onto a wide range of construction substrates.

521 GP Epoxy Primer has been specifically formulated as part of the Resimac Hygienic wall coating system and can be used as a primer prior to the application of 520 Wall Coat UV.

• Multi-purpose primer
• Apply to a wide range of construction surfaces
• Water based epoxy

Resimac - Graffiti Resistant Wall Coating

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