SilaCote - Non-Hazardous Instant Waterproofing Membrane

Instant Waterproof Liquid Membrane - Hand Applied Silicone Based Polymer Liquid Coating - Moisture Triggered Curing - Perfect for UK Weather Conditions and for Repairing or Overcoating UV Damaged Roof Membranes.

SilaCote - Non-Flammable and Non-Hazardous Waterproof Coating Systems

SilaCote - Non-Hazardous Instant Waterproofing Membrane

NO PRIMER REQUIRED - Excellent Adhesion
NO TOP COAT REQUIRED,- 100% Aliphatic / UV Stable (No Colour Change)

Fire Rating
BS 476 part 3 test:- EXT.F.AA;
EN 1187 test 4 – BROOF(t4) tested as a flat roof

SilaCote - Non-Hazardous Instant Waterproofing Membrane

Hand applied waterproof liquid polymer coating designed for flat roofers.
Addressing issues such as priming the substrate (silicon technology - no primer required), mixing errors (single component), the over-coating window (there is none), waste (you can reseal the pot for the next job) and upstand detailing (it adheres easily to the upstand – no runs).

Adheres to
Asbestos or fibre cement
Profiled metal roofs
Aged/weathered felt
Polyolefin (TPO) - Contact technical
Most single ply membranes - Contact technical
polyurethane foam
Tar and gravel
Modified bitumen
Built-up systems (BUR)
Cap sheet
Torch down mineral felt
Most existing roof coatings
WPB plywood
OSB Cement board
20 year manufactures warranty.
IBG available.
Fully BBA and ETAG compliant.
Benefits : -
✔Single component ready to use system
✔No mixing errors
No primer required
✔Excellent adhesion
Easy to apply
✔No overcoat time limitations
✔Excellent overcoat ability/adhesion to 2nd layer
✔Apply with brush roller or airless spray equipment
✔Solvent free
✔No Isocyanate
✔No VOCs
✔Good mechanical adhesion
✔Excellent resistance to chemicals
✔No hot works
Requires no top coat
✔No colour change
✔100% - Aliphatic - UV Stable
✔100% solids
✔Temperature stability
✔No shrinkage
✔Excellent flow values
Short drying times with early rain resistance
✔Water repellent on application
✔Allows Vapour transfusion
✔Resistant to standing /ponding water
✔No re-emulsifying
✔Applicable under humid or cold conditions
✔Minimal wastage
Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways
Recoating failed single ply roofs
Roof detailing, e.g. light domes, air conditioning outlets
Internal plant rooms and wet rooms
Complex detailing, up-stands, penetrations and terminations
Ponds, fountains /water features
Warm roofs, cold roofs, /inverted warm roofs
Green roofs, brown roofs / living walls
Horizontal under-tile waterproofing
Waterproofing gutters, valley gutters /drainage channels
20 Year manufacturer’s warranty

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  1. SilaCote - Non-Hazardous Instant Waterproofing Membrane

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