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What Will You Be Using Your Converted Basement For?

Some of the most popular uses for basements include:

  • Basement gym
  • Gyms, swimming pools and wellness facilities such as a spa, hammam, sauna or steam room
  • Games rooms
  • Cinema and media rooms
  • Playrooms for children
  • Utility rooms
  • Libraries
  • Music and recital rooms
  • Custom spiral wine cellars and stores
  • Secure rooms for valuables
  • Seasonal storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • Additional bedrooms

Newton Basement Design and Waterproofing

How Do I Convert My Basement?

If the intention is to use the basement as a living space of some kind, then you need to ensure that:
You have safely created enough space for the intended purpose.

  • The basement has good access/egress routes, especially for bedrooms that may require more than one escape route.
  • You are able to achieve a comfortable internal environment that takes into account factors such as damp, lighting, ventilation, and heating, amongst others.

Do You Need to Engage an Architect?

One of the most important people in your whole project, and therefore one of the first people you should engage is an architect who can guide you through the entire process.

To assist with this, Newton has set up a nationwide network of architects who are all certified as Newton Specification Partners – each member company has been carefully selected by us due to their success on Newton basement waterproofing projects in the past, and thanks to their understanding of the importance of good waterproofing.

Do You Need Planning Permission to Convert a Basement?

Unless your home is in a Conservation Area, a specially designated area, or it is Listed, then the process of converting an existing basement into a living space will be classified as Permitted Development and will not require planning permission. However, if you need to lower the floor level in order to improve the head height, then this is considered as a basement extension and may require planning permission. companies will not take responsibility for the design work of large scale projects, but working with our manufacturers and their highly knowledgeable team, we will ensure your designs are compliant with British Standards from start finish. No project is too big or small.

Just call our technical team for further details 0800 7022176. 

We liaise with contractors, architects and engineers to assist in the design of the waterproofing.

Working to BS8102 and NHBC chapter 5.4 our CSSW trained design team carefully look at projects and discuss with the relevant parties the plans and any issues that may arise from the submitted drawings.

Once this has taken place a full design and bespoke drawings in PDF and DWG are drawn up to sit alongside the design for the waterproofing.

Our manufacturers are also able to offer a full PI insurance solution on the approved designs to sit alongside the contractor’s insurance on the installation.

Newton bespoke design service for basement waterproofing projects.

The growth of sales in the Waterproofing sector has been amazing and on-site guidance is clearly working due to the demand for the British manufactured products in this sector.

We have updated all our technical waterproofing literature and have many technical 3D drawings for the contractors and specifiers, these are available in a brochure format or in individual pdf designs.

The biggest growth area for us is individual homes that are using the space underground to increase the footage on the property, again whatever the construction from concrete to ICF our team can help and design for all construction types.

Another area that has seen increased growth is the commercial sector and this includes large multi-level basements up to six storeys deep that require waterproofing specifications, we can also supply a full design specification pack including drawings designs and relevant data sheets and approved BBA documents.

Although time consuming our bespoke drawing service is available and our technical team attending site can be on site whilst work is carried out to sign off waterproofing installations.

We have a nationwide network of approved and experienced basement waterproofing contractors

For pricing, please speak with our technical support team or to request data-sheets, please call 0800 7022176 or you can email

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