When building below ground, concrete stands as the pinnacle of strength and reliability. Yet, even with its formidable nature, there are instances where concrete may require repair to uphold its integrity. These occasions may arise due to issues during placement and curing or from the natural wear and tear over time.

Numerous factors contribute to concrete degradation, including weathering, chemical exposure, structural shifts, and general usage, leading to problems such as cracks, spalling, and leaks. These issues compromise both the structural robustness and operational effectiveness of concrete.

As a certified reseller approved by Newton Waterproofing, Clever Shield recognises the critical need for prompt and efficient concrete repair. Our partnership grants access to an extensive array of cutting-edge solutions tailored to tackle a broad spectrum of concrete repair challenges.

Identifying Concrete Repair Needs Concrete Injection & Sealing

A successful concrete repair journey commences with a meticulous evaluation of the damage. Our expertise extends to resolving common issues such as:

Cracks: Ranging from minute fissures to substantial structural splits, we offer solutions capable of addressing all types of cracks, including those susceptible to dynamic movement caused by thermal fluctuations.

Spalling: Surface flaking or detachment signifies underlying steel reinforcement degradation. Left unattended, this deterioration can jeopardise structural stability, highlighting the urgency of repair.

Leaks: Water infiltration through cracks or faulty joints accelerates concrete deterioration, posing risks of spalling and structural failure. Our repair solutions excel in sealing leaks effectively, safeguarding against further damage.

Honeycombing: Voids within the concrete matrix weaken its integrity and facilitate water ingress. Our remedies address honeycombing issues stemming from inadequate compaction or curing, fortifying the concrete against future damage.

Clever Shield: Your Partner in Concrete Repair HydroSeal 203-RM Cement Based Mortar

Our concrete repair repertoire encompasses an assortment of solutions designed to meet these challenges head-on:

High-Performance Repair Mortars: Engineered for superior strength, adhesion, and longevity, our cementitious repair mortars excel in rectifying cracks, spalling, and honeycombing.

Injection Resins: Our versatile range of injection resins provides remedial solutions for crack and void closure, leak sealing, and restoration of structural integrity.

Specialist Sealing Systems: Dynamic or shifting cracks and construction joints demand flexible repair systems, adept at accommodating movement while maintaining a watertight seal.

Waterproofing Membranes: External waterproofing membranes serve as a protective barrier against groundwater chemicals, fortifying the concrete and thwarting water ingress through defects.

Complementing our concrete repair systems, we offer a comprehensive range of post-applied waterproofing slurries to waterproof the repaired concrete products.

The Benefits of Choosing Clever Shield for Concrete Repair Partnering with Clever Shield for your concrete repair needs presents several distinct advantages:

Durable, Long-Lasting Solutions: Our repair products are formulated for enduring performance, minimising the need for frequent interventions.

Compatibility: Our solutions ensure compatibility with various structure types and repair scenarios, guaranteeing an appropriate fix for every situation.

Ease of Application: Many of our products boast user-friendly application processes, minimising onsite disruption and facilitating swift return to service.

Expert Support: Backed by a team of waterproofing specialists and a network of expert contractors, we provide comprehensive technical guidance and professional installation support throughout the repair process.

Safeguard Your Projects Against Concrete Defects Timely and effective concrete repair is paramount for upholding the structural integrity and operational functionality of your buildings. With Clever Shield and Newton Waterproofing, you gain access to unparalleled expertise and solutions capable of addressing any concrete repair challenge.

Contact Clever Shield today to discuss your project requirements and discover how our concrete repair solutions can rejuvenate and safeguard your concrete structures.

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