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This system is fast curing, flexible for crack bridging and also passes the B Roof T4 test which is essential on the majority of projects. This system can be used on plywood, concrete and even asphalt with a very long lifespan and service life of 15-25 years depending on the specification. Whilst PUMA systems are not the lowest cost option, when you take into account lifespan (a PU system is usually 10-15years), speed of installation (lower labour costs) and weather resistance during application (less downtime on the project) then it pays for itself.

Waterproofing Exposed Roofs

Although these systems can be used on new build projects, typically they are needed on refurbishment projects. There are many roofing materials used in the past and present including bitumen, bitumen felt, cement fibre, metal, concrete and more. After a period of time these materials often start to leak and a refurbishment solution is needed.

Purchase EleRoof MMA and Puma Roof and Floor Systems

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Correct specification of a roofing system is very important. The system has to bond to the old substrate, last 10-25 years in inclement British weather, resist UV rays, be flexible to accommodate movement, and also able to be installed throughout the year in summer and winter.

The best technology to meet these needs is MMA/PUMA systems based on methyl methacrylate technology. It is fully rainproof after as little as 30 minutes and cures down to zero degrees centigrade. This means you can apply in the middle of summer or winter, all year round even if you know it is going to snow or rain a few hours later.

As an exposed roof its also important to have the B-Roof T4 test which is a spread of flame test. Our system achieves a pass on this test so you can be confident of complying with regulatory requirements.

EleRoof MMA Waterproof Coating Systems

EleRoof PUMA System

The EleRoof PUMA System is premium quality, fast cure, easy to apply, PUMA roof coating system. Based on a primer layer, membrane with fleece and a topcoat. For walkways where foot traffic for maintenance access is expected, the first top coat is blinded with quartz & an extra layer of top coat is used to encapsulate the aggregate.


❑ Elastic waterproofing system

❑ High weather resistance

❑ Very fast cure times

❑ B-Roof T4 tested –a pass was achieved


❑ Exposed roofs, balcony refurbishment

❑ Electrical facility roofs

❑ Direct to asphalt without primer

❑ Use on bitumen, bitumen felt, cement fibre, metal, concrete and more.

MMA Typical System Build-up

EleRoof  MMA and PUMA Roof and Floor Coating Systems Build-up

Waterproofing Buried Roofs, Podium Deck, Balconies & Terraces

The phrase buried refers to the fact that the waterproofing layer is not visible when the project is finished. This contrasts with exposed waterproofing where the coating is visible, like liquid roofing. A common application is podium decks which are particularly used on top of basement constructions as paved areas or green roof gardens or terraces, or rooftop terraces which can be paved.

EleRoof MMA and PUMA Waterproofing Buried Roofs, Podium Deck, Balconies & Terraces


A premium quality, Polyurethane modified MMA system comprising of a damp tolerant MMA primer, a PUMA membrane layer and a protective top coat. The system is fast curing with all three layers applied and ready the same day for further systems to be applied. Typically used for buried membrane applications on floors (also can be used on walls).

❑ Applicable on damp surfaces.

❑ Excellent resistance to water and moisture.

❑ Rapid curing between layers 30-45 minutes typically.

❑ Fantastic Adhesion to many materials

❑ The whole system can be applied in a single day

❑ Elastic membrane

EleRoof  MMA and PUMA Roof and Floor Coating Systems