Remedial repair products

Clever Shield offer a unique range of Helical of high performance stainless steel ties, fixings and masonry repair and reinforcement systems.

These fixings combine the required strength with flexibility, durability and great holding power in all commonly used building materials.

Cavity Wall Ties

Buildings constructed primarily out of masonry are susceptible to varying types of movement which will result in structural defects.

For the typical structural issues that arise in properties across the UK, Wykamol’s NO MORE CRACKS range offer a solution.

Retrofit of cavity wall ties, resin crack sealing and remedial crack stitching are just 3 issues which can be rectified by the easy-to-use NO MORE CRACKS Kits.

• Easy installation.

• Minimal disruption to the facade or any cavity insulation present.

• Easy to install using a setting tool in a hammer drill (CD wall tie fixing tool).

• Can be fixed in place with grout or resin.

• Robust and corrosion free.

• Proven through independent testing for over 25 years.

• Not effected by combustion, fire or extreme temperature.

Crack Stitching kit with everything needed to improve the structural performance of cracked brickwork and stone walls. High tensile crack stitching bars are bonded into slots made in masonry to stitch across cracks in walls. Tensile forces are redistributed along the full 1m length of the 6mm diameter stainless steel reinforcement bars to stabilise and strengthen the wall. Crack stitching walls is a cost effective remedy for repairing cracked brickwork and masonry.

Kit Includes

• 10 x 1 M Thor Helical Crack Stitching Bars in Grade 304 Stainless Steel

• 1 x Grout-Master Applicator with Hi-Flo Nozzle

• 1 x 10 Kg tub containing 2 x 5 Kg of W60 Flexi Grout (yield = 3 L)

• 1 x Mixer paddle and 1 x Finger Trowel

Wykamol Crack Stitching Kit

Thor Helical Remedial CD Wall Ties

Thor Helical Remedial CD Wall Ties ensure the stability of a cavity wall structure, tying its weather protecting, brick facade to the main body of the structure.

Thor Helical Remedial CD Wall Ties

 Thor Helical Remedial Crack Stitching Bar

Thor Helical Remedial Crack Stitching Bars are resilient helical shaped bars to reinforce cracked masonry and to help prevent further cracking.


Thor Helical Remedial Crack Stitching Bar 

Thor Helical Remedial Lateral Restraints

Thor Helical Remedial Lateral Restraints tie external walls to structural timbers and partition walls where bulging brickwork is evident.

Thor Helical Remedial Lateral Restraints

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