PondCote Pond Paint is an easy to apply (pond and fish friendly) single component pond paint which can be applied to practically any surface. High quality, quick drying system that will seal and protect and prolong the life of your pond, giving it a clean and professional look.

Using only the latest silane silicone terminated polymer backbone binders to produce an unmatched liquid waterproofing membrane.
While exceeding performance criteria of pure hand applied polyurea, polyurethane, PMMA, polyester and other solvent based systems, it also eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with these products.
PondCote polymers are based on new silicone technology which means the curing process happens without a catalysts additive. The chemical process is similar to a moisture cure material however unlike moisture cure materials PondCote will not produce any CO2 gas bubbles in the coating when applied over 0.5mm.
Ready to use, single liquid component 
   Single component system 
   ✔No mixing errors
No primer required
   Excellent adhesion to most conventional substrates
Easy to apply
   No overcoat time limitations
   Excellent overcoat ability/adhesion to 2nd layer
   Very easy to repair 
   Apply with brush roller or airless spray equipment
   Applied all year round above -5°C  
   Flexible from -40 °C to +80 °C
   Solvent free 
   Virtually odourless
   No VOCs
   Good mechanical Adhesion
   Excellent resistance to chemicals
  ✔No hot works required
Requires no top coat
   No colour change
   100% - Aliphatic - UV Stable 
   100% solids
   Temperature stability
   No shrinkage
   Excellent flow values 
Short drying times with early rain resistance
   Water repellent on application
   Rainproof in 20 minutes. 
   Allows Vapour transfusion 
   Resistant to standing /ponding water
   No re-emulsifying
   Applicable under humid or cold conditions
   Minimal wastage
   Resealable plastic pails can be stored and reused.
   Available in 5 litre and 10 litre pails.
     (20 litre pails only by request)

Ponds and Water Features