Resimac Metal Repair BeforeResimac Metal Repair After

Resimac manufactures a wide range of metal repair products capable of resurfacing damaged or worn metallic surfaces.

These products will rebuild the substrate and bring the surface back to the original equipment manufacturers specifications.

  • Emergency Repair
  • Putties

  • Fluid Grade

  • Engineering Grade
  • Fast Cure

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Metal Repair Product Range

101 Metal Repair Paste

High build engineering grade repair paste

102 Metal Repair Fluid Brush applied resurfacing fluid

103 Metal Repair Stick

Fast curing putty for emergency repairs

104 Metal Repair Fluid XF Fast curing fluid for application to oily surfaces

105 Aqua Stick

Fast curing putty for underwater repairs

106 Metal Repair Paste XF Fast curing engineering grade repair paste

107 Metal Repair Paste XL

Extended working life high build engineering grade repair paste

 Resimac Metal Repair BeforeResimac Metal Repair After



  • Solvent free
  • No fire risk
  • Epoxy resin technology
  • Ability to fill deep pits & holes
  • Two component
  • Ability to restore original dimensions
  • High build capability
  • Eliminates bi-metallic corrosion
  • Bond to any metallic surface
  • Long term asset repair & protection
  • Surface tolerant
  • Tolerant of less than ideal surface preparation
  • No shrinkage


  • Eradicate the need for hotworks/ welding
  • High mechanical adhesion
  • Reduced Health & Safety risk

 Resimac metal repair application beforeResimac metal repair application after

  • Engine blocks
  • Plate bonding
  • Liners
  • Pump casings
  • Filter bodies
  • Shafts
  • Hydraulic rams
  • Tank Surfaces
  • Impellers
  • Transformers
  • Pipe flanges
  • Tube sheets
  • Pipe surfaces
  • Valves

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