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BASF Elastocoat C Polyurea & Polyurethane

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Elastocoat C: Elastocoat C Pure Polyurea 6325/124
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For coating of surfaces, the high-tech Polyurea system Elastocoat® is unbeatable. Whether used on parking decks, loading ramps or chemical tanks, Elastocoat® Polyurea provides enduring protection. Also for facades and roofs, Elastocoat® provides lasting protection and is rapidly applied, too.

Features and benefits
  • solvent-free
  • fast curing
  • crack bridging
  • lastingly elastic
  • wear-resistant
  • resistant to chemicals
  • resistant to low temperatures
  • Roofing
  • Car Par Decks
  • Tanking
  • Loading Areas
  • Sewer Shafts

Complicated roof penetrations, skylights, or air-conditioning shafts are trouble-spots for leaks. Elastocoat removes your anxieties. It simply seals the affected areas. Like a liquid film, Elastocoat adapts itself evenly over the surface geometry of the roof and covers it: seamless, jointless, durable. Elastocoat, the high-tech polyurea system from Elastogran, is simply sprayed onto the roof. It covers and seals vertical surfaces and it cures in a few seconds. And the cost? Compared to the high cost of damage and loss of rental income which can result from leaks, the cost of the high-grade Elastocoat roof-sealant is a profitable investment.

The facts: extremely fast curing;

  • load-bearing after one hour
  • high tolerance of temperature and humidity during application
  • seamless sealing of penetrations and undercuts
  • high adhesion to the surface
  • high degree of crack-bridging, over 400 % elongation at break
  • high resistance to hydrolysis and ageing
  • outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance
  • free from solvents and catalysts
Car Park Decks

Elastocoat: aqua stop One of the most suitable materials for this task is Elastocoat the high tech polyurea of Elastogran. It is widely used throughout industries for surface protection, chemical resistance, crack-bridging, abrasion resistance and durability. Elastocoat can be sprayed as a seamless membrane even on extensive areas.

Elastocoat sealing for parking decks:

  • seamless and waterproof
  • durable and abrasion resistant
  • crack-bridging by flexible adaptation to concrete movements
  • chemically resistant, even to liquids from vehicles and their engines
  • tolerant to humidity and temperature at application
  • fast curing, rapidly getting surface back to service

Elastocoat for secondary containments One of the most promising lining systems is Elastocoat, the polyurea made by Elastogran. Polyurea is widely used throughout many industries where aspects such as surface protection, chemical resistance, crack-bridging, durability play a major role. Due to its chemical nature, Elastocoat can be sprayed as a seamless membrane even on and into complex structures. Its moisture tolerant chemistry allows installation of the membrane at weather conditions where other traditional materials fail.

Elastocoat meets legal requirements as mentioned above:

  • seamless even on complex structures
  • very good chemical resistance
  • excellent crack bridging properties
  • anti-skid surface finish
  • easy to coat on vertical structures
  • fast curing
  • free of solvents and catalysts
Loading Areas

Elastocoat reduces noisy trucks to silence In order to fulfil PIEK’s requirements, Elastogran has developed the sound-absorbing Elastocoat for trucks. At the same time Cintec-Focwa/ TNO has carried out tests concerning abrasion resistance and rolling friction. An absolute noise level of 54 dBA was measured. Known as »silent-floor« loading surfaces of trucks coated with Elastocoat comply with the PIEK Resolution. In a comparison test, the Elastogran coating is classified as the most durable.

Silent trailer floors with Elastocoat:

  • reduced noise level meets Dutch law requirements
  • longer lifetime of trailer floor
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • simple to clean, recommended for HACCP
  • speedy return to service
  • chemical resistance to cleaning agents
Sewer Shafts

Elastocoat repairs and protects against attack of sulphuric acid Attack by acids can be stopped by the seamlessly sprayed barrierfilm of 2K Polyurea Elastocoat. Elastocoat seals long-term. Curing in seconds, the »liquid film« moulds itself to all shapes of surface achieving a trouble-free sealing of vertical surfaces. It has excellent crack-bridging properties with 400 % elongation at break. The result is a high-grade and durable repair.

Elastocoat polyurea spray coating:

  • chemically resistant to biogenic sulphuric acids
  • high degree of crack-bridging, 400 % elongation at break
  • outstanding tensile and tear strength
  • extremely rapid curing – load-bearing after just an hour
  • high tolerance to temperature and humidity during application
  • seamless repair of cracks and undercuts
  • outstanding adhesion to surface
  • high resistance to hydrolysis and ageing
  • free of solvents and catalysts

Application Guide


Elastocoat Datasheet


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