CONIPROOF 165 (5.5 or 25 KG) Polyurea Primer - Non Porous Substrates

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CONIPROOF 165 Moisture Curing Single Component PUR Primer

CONIPROOF 165 is a moisture curing, solvent containing, single component and unpigmented PUR primer with low viscosity.


CONIPROOF 165 is part of the waterproofing systems CONIPROOF SP or CONIPROOF SU and used as a primer on sand broadcast epoxy primer below the spray membrane CONIPROOF 401 or CONIPROOF 410.

The application as primer on existing aged membranes based on polyurethane is also possible.

  • CONIPROOF 165 shows good adhesion to non-porous substrates. It is of very low viscosity and therefore exhibits a high capillary activity.

  •  CONIPROOF 165 is easy to apply. The material reacts with humidity and eliminates carbon dioxide to produce a resistant, tough elastic film. Fully cured, CONIPROOF 165 exhibits excellent mechanical properties.

CONIFLOOR 110 Datasheet


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