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Newton Hydrobond 109-LM

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Size: 20L
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Radon Certified Rubber Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

Radon-certified, flexible, single-component, cold-applied and seamless rubber waterproofing membrane used primarily for the external waterproofing of earth-retaining structures such as basements and foundation walls.

HydroBond 109-LM is extremely puncture resistant with elasticity of 850% and a 95% recovery memory. The membrane becomes fully engaged into the substrate to prevent water tracking and is suitable for all below ground and earth-retained structures, ranging from domestic basements to the largest civil engineering projects.

HydroBond 109-LM is available in two variants: Medium Viscosity, for use in warmer temperatures, and Low Viscosity, for when it is cooler. HydroBond 109-LM is also a constituent product of the Newton HydroBond® System supported by BDA Agrément Certificate BAB 16-031/04/A and is accepted by the NHBC as a suitable waterproofing system for Type A Waterproofing to Grades 1a, 1b, 2 & 3 – BS 8102:2022.

Key Benefits
  • Fully-bonded seamless membrane.
  • Good elasticity with no shrinkage.
  • Medium/Low Viscosity variants instantly raintight when sprayed with HydroBond 109-LM Catalyst.
  • Primer not required for most substrates.
  • Complete vapour barrier.
  • Solvent free, non-toxic and odourless.
  • Non-flammable – No VOCs.
  • High radon gas resistance.
Typical Applications
  • Waterproofing of retained structures, together with HydroBond 403 Plus.
  • Standalone waterproofing membrane for basement, foundation and earth-retained walls.
  • Used as a detailing membrane or where access is too tight to spray HydroBond 108-LM.
  • Loading-capable, liquid DPM connecting wall waterproofing membrane to internal skin DPC.
Application Rate


  • For radon and damp proofing applications the membrane is applied in two coats at a rate of 1.6 litres/m² per coat, to a total thickness of 2.0 mm
  • For HydroBond System termination and continuity details at depths ≤ 0.7 m the membrane is applied in three coats at a rate of 1.6 litres/m2 per coat, to a total thickness of 3.0 mm
  • For waterproofing applications at depths ≤ 7 m the membrane is applied in four coats at a rate of 1.6 litres/m2 per coat, to a total thickness of 4.0 mm
  • The membrane is applied to a total thickness of 2.0 mm, which requires an application rate of 3.2 litres/m2.


  • To comply with standard EN 15814, the product must be applied in multiple layers:
  1. When subject to moisture in the ground, but not to water pressure or increasing pressure:
  • Apply the membrane in three layers, with a total application rate of 4.8 litres/m2
  • Cured membrane thickness 3 mm

Note: When subject to external water pressure, either from below or horizontally:

  • Apply the membrane in two layers, with a total application rate of 6.4 litres/m2
  • Cured membrane thickness 4 mm

Technical Data
 Cured Performance  Result
Colour Black
Membrane thickness – RC walls  1.0mm
Membrane thickness – RC joints 2.0mm
Membrane thickness – Block and ICF walls  2.0mm
Membrane thickness – Radon barrier & horizontal elements  2.0mm
Density / Specific gravity (no reinforcement)  1.1
Softening temperature  > 130ºC
Adhesion to concrete  0.62N/mm²
Tensile strength & elongation at break (reinforced) 0.68N/mm²
Tensile strength & elongation at break (reinforced) (aged)  0.58N/mm²
Loading capability (no reinforcement) – Class 1  0.06MN/mm2
Resistance to static indentation (reinforced)  250N
Crack bridging ability (no reinforcement) – Class CB2  ≥2mm
Resistance to fatigue movement – 1000 actions @ -10ºC  Pass
Dimensional stability at high temperature – no dripping  ≥70ºC
Low temperature flexibility @ -10ºC  Pass
Flexibility at low temperature @ 0ºC Pass
Water vapour diffusion resistance – Sd value  72.4m
Water tightness  7 bar
Water resistance – 21 days at 21ºC  Watertight
Impact resistance after UV-ageing – 1000h – 10 mm  Pass
Radon gas diffusion resistance (1 mm membrane)  2.1 x 10-11m²/s
Reaction to fire classification  Euroclass B2

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