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Industrial Metal Epoxy Paste

Size: 4x500g
Sale price£127.79 inc.VAT


Industrial Metal is a metal-filled epoxy repair paste used to protect and strengthen industrial metalwork, rebuild areas of damage, fill holes and large cracks, and repair pitting caused by corrosion and chemical attack to pipes and tanks.

It is reinforced with corrosion-resistant metal platelets which provide excellent protection for surfaces in aggressive environments against corrosion and chemical attack. These platelets give a smoother finish than regular epoxy repair pastes when machined.

Industrial Metal cures on wet surfaces and is effective on most plastics and wood as well as metalwork. It is used for the maintenance and repair of pipes, restoring surface profile and improving integrity.

Industrial Metal is also used to repair and protect tanks, pumps, valves, metal castings and automotive bodywork. It fills large cracks and gouges and rebuilds worn equipment.

With a work time of 60 minutes, Industrial Metal can be mixed in large quantities and allows for greater coverage over significant sections of damage. Sylmasta recommend Industrial Metal to clients operating in hot climates because of its cure time.

Industrial Metal has been independently tested to BS 6920 standard, meaning that when used in conjunction with a SylWrap HD Pipe Repair Bandage it is suitable for repairs to pipes carrying drinking water.

How to use Industrial Metal Epoxy Repair Paste for maintenance and repair of metal

Before applying Industrial Metal, surfaces should be free of paint, rust and grime before being roughened up through either grit blasting or grinding with a coarse wheel or abrasive disk pad. Full instructions detailing the preparation process can be found on the Technical Data Sheet and are provided with the product.

Industrial Metal should be applied as soon as the preparation procedure is completed. Part A and Part B are mixed together to the instructed ratio. The epoxy paste is then spread over the area requiring repair using a putty knife. Industrial Metal should be pushed in firmly to ensure maximum contact and to avoid trapping air between the paste and the surface.

A full cure is achieved in 24 hours. Industrial Metal is thixotropic, meaning it will not sag. It is virtually odourless, with no unpleasant smell compared to other epoxy pastes.

Repairs made using Industrial Metal can be overwrapped with SylWrap HD, which will provided a rock hard, impact resistant layer over the epoxy paste.

Industrial Metal is temperature resistant to 130°C. For repairs to pipework exposed to extreme temperatures in excess of 130°C, please see Titanium Supergrade HT Epoxy Paste.

To determine the quantity of Industrial Metal needed for a specific pipe repair application, please go to the Repair Calculator Tab and enter your repair data.

Benefits of Industrial Metal Epoxy Paste

  • Cures underwater and on wet surfaces
  • Does not shrink and can be machined
  • Easy to mix and apply with a long working time for complex repair jobs
  • Increase resistance against corrosion and chemicals
  • Tested to BS 6920 standard
  • Bonds to all surfaces


  • Steel pipe repair, iron pipe repair, copper pipe repair, PVC plastic pipe repair, GRP pipe repair
  • Restoring surface profile for improved pipeline integrity
  • Metal repair, chemical protection and corrosion protection
  • Filling holes, gaps and gouges
  • Rebuilding worn and damaged parts
  • Underwater repairs
  • Used in petrochemical plants to repair and strengthen pipes, fittings and equipment
  • Repairing industrial equipment, tanks and worn areas in pumps and valves

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