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MasterSeal M 689 (spray applied) 425kg unit

Highly elastic, solvent-free, ultra-fast curing, spray-applied liquid polyurea coating membrane for waterproofing applications

Not all waterproofing membranes are designed to stand up to the most challenging environments, so specifying the right system is critical. MasterSeal M 689 is the most efficient solution for quickly waterproofing surfaces exposed to harsh mechanical and chemical conditions. It sets in a few seconds and hardens fully for a return to service after just two hours. Once cured, MasterSeal M 689 has the high elasticity and crack bridging properties needed to avoid water leakages in the event of moving cracks in the substrate.

This solvent-free, two-part, 100% polyurea waterproofing membrane is suited to waterproofing applications where a high degree of chemical resistance is important. This includes sewage effluent and secondary containment bunds within the water treatment, chemical and petrochemical sectors. MasterSeal M689 is also suitable for roofs and areas exposed to mechanical loads.

MasterSeal M 689 spray application and ultra-fast curing time make for easy application. It forms a monolithic waterproofing membrane with no laps, welds or seams on simple or complex surfaces with vertical elements or complicated details. MasterSeal M 689 can be applied to a wide range of substrates with the appropriate primer, providing high chemical and mechanical resistance and durability in the harshest
MasterSeal M 689 is highly reactive and can only be applied by two-component spray equipment, which initiates a quick reaction and ensures the membrane’s rapid, safe application.
  • Monolithic – no laps, welds or seams
  • Fully bonded
  • High water vapour permeability
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent crack bridging capability
  • Resistant to puncture
  • Resistant to standing water
  • Mhermoset – does not soften at high temperatures
  • Remains elastic at low temperatures eg approx. - 45ºC
  • Non-solvented
  • ​Rapid curing
  • Hydrophobic material, so waterproofs the roof instantly
  • Highly elastic, can bridge cracks
  • Non-slip top coat available 
  • High tensile and tear strength, meaning the membrane remains durable where others tear
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BASF MasterSeal M689 Polyurea

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