VIP QuickPrime 1K PU-SF (10 L) Polyurea Primer

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Quick Prime 1K-PU universal SF is a single component, solvent free, polyurethane based primer. Being solvent free it is easy to handle and store and presents no health and safety issues on industrial and mining sites. After application the PU-primer chemically crosslinks by absorbing the moisture from the air and from the substrate in the case of concrete.

Quick Prime 1K-PU universal SF can be used for the production of a levelling mortar and scraping compound.

Quick Prime 1K-PU universal SF can be used a s a ”holding” primer on metallic surfaces preventing surface corrosion until a final top
coat is applied

  • Adhesive primer for VIP Elastomeric coating systems
  • Adhesive primer for GRP-composite materials (based on EP- VE-resins)
  • Binding agent for cement repair mortars
  • Moisture barrier for composite and laminated wood boards
  • Primer for damp concrete
  • Temporary holding primer for corrosion protection of blasted metal substrates
  • SF = Solvent free primer system, contains no organic solvent
  • Ideal general purpose primer for VIP coating systems
  • Excellent bonding strength on dry to damp concrete substrates and also on metallic substrates
  • Good moisture barrier properties, (not a water vapour barrier)
  • Inhibits water migration via capillary action through pores of concrete
  • Resistant to dilute bases, acids, water-based salt solutions and lubricants
  • Good penetration of concrete substrates
  • Low viscosity and therefore a good brushability and practical spreading rate
  • Superior weatherability
  • High impact resistance

Quick Prime 1K-PU universal SF

Quick Prime 1K-PU universal SF Datasheet


Quick Prime 1K-PU universal SF

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