Sika S-Vap 5000E SA Self-adhesive Vapour Control Layer for Roofs

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Size: Sika S-Vap 5000E SA Self-adhesive Vapour Control Layer
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S-Vap 5000E SA is a multi-layer self-adhesive vapour control layer made of polymer modified bitumen with a glass-fibre mat reinforcement and an aluminium foil as top layer.

  • Vapour control layer (VCL) is applied over most common substrates such as concrete, metal decks, plywood, timber boards and/or oriented strand fibre board (OSB) deck. Special application within adhered systems:
  • Adhered system: Self-adhesion strength limits max wind up lift design load
  • Combined adhered system: Self adhesion strength is part of wind-up lift design Temporary waterproofing layer: S-Vap 5000E SA can also be used as temporary waterproofing layer, as top layer can be left exposed for up to 4 weeks. Important: If used in an adhered roof build-up, additional installation requirements must be applied e.g. use of Primer 600 to achieve full self adhesion strength:
  • Self adhesion strength on metal decks, in combination with Primer 600, max. design load of 2.4 kN/m2
  • Self-adhered on concrete deck in combination with Primer 600, max. design load 2.4 kN/m2 .
  • Self-adhered on plywood/OSB deck in combination with Primer 600, max. design load 2.4 kN/m2 .
  • Ease and speed of installation, due to self-adhesive property of back layer and its specific weight.
  • Can be used in a totally adhered roof build-up. No additional fasteners required for securing the thermal insulation boards to the structural deck.
  • Can be used as temporary waterproof layer for up to 4 weeks, as a top layer without the need for additional weight/ballast and/or mechanical fastening.
  • Due to its high adhesion strength the VCL can withstand high wind loads; design load 2.4 kN/m2 .
  • High adhesion/bonding strength leading to an air tight roof construction.
  • High tearing resistance under foot traffic makes it ideal for use on profiled metal decks.
  • High water vapour resistance makes it suitable in combination with all membranes.
  • Wide application range, in regard to use in different system applications and/or in combination with different structural deck types, substrates.
  • Can be bonded on roof slopes and up vertical abutments.


Product Datasheet
Approvals / Standards
  • CE marking according EN 13970
  • Reaction to fire according to EN 13 501-1
  • Fire behaviour according BS 476-6,7
  • Quality management system EN ISO 9001/14001
Roll size


Length 30,00 m
Width 1,08 m
Weight 19,00 kg

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