Sika Sikalastic-800 HA Waterproof Roof Coating (Paint or Roller On)

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Sikalastic 800 HA is a two component, solvent free, highly elastic, virtually odourless liquid polyurea that can be hand applied to flat roofs, balconies, Terraces, Podium Decks and Walkways with high crack bridging property.

Due to its self-levelling properties Sikalastic®-800 HA is ideal for applications on buried roofs/podium decks and will provide a jointless surface, fully bonded, with crack bridging abilities and resistance to ponding water.


Sikalastic®-800 HA may only be used by experienced professionals.

  • Flat roofs, roof repair, balconies, walkways and podium decks.
  • Sikalastic®-800 HA can be hand applied by notched rubber or metal squeegees to obtain the desired thickness
  • Sikalastic®-800 HA is an elastomeric product and will stretch and/or contract with the movement of the deck
  • Sikalastic®-800 HA is an economic LAM waterproofing solution. Smaller areas up to 150 m2 can be coated more economically with no need for application machinery
  • Cold applied, self levelling behaviour
  • Desired thickness in one layer application
  • Low odour product during and after the application
  • High elasticity and elongation at break
  • Can be covered with an aliphatic top coat for exposed applications
  • Good adhesion to most substrates
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Sika® Concrete Primer is a two-component, rapid curing, high solids, polyurea/polyurethane-hybrid primer for consistent and durable adhesion of SikaRoof® MTC, Sikalastic® and Sikafloor® Systems on cement based substrates.

Sika® Bonding Primer is a two-component, water based epoxy primer to consolidate substrates and enhance the adhesion of Sikafloor® and Sikagard® products

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