Sika Sikalastic 851 (413 KG) Polyurea Waterproof Coating

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Sikalastic 851 is a two part, elastic, 100% solids, very fast curing and coloured Polyurethane/ Polyurea-Hybrid waterproof liquid coating membrane with moderate chemical resistance.


On Concrete:

  • Waterproofing on concrete bridge decks, membrane underneath hot rolled asphalt, certified in accord-ance to BBA/HAPAS
  • Waterproofing on concrete bridge decks, membrane underneath mastic asphalt, tested in accordance to ETAG 033
  • Waterproofing for submersed structures
  • Waterproofing for cut and cover structures
  • Waterproofing on walkways and balconies
  • Waterproofing on floors and car park decks
  • Water retaining structures in power plants
  • Tank, bund and pit lining in fresh water areas of sewage and waste water treatment plants
On Steel:
  • Truck bed lining
  • Very fast reactivity and curing time
  • Almost immediate return-to-service time
  • Applicable in temperatures from -10 °C to +50 °C Performs in constant dry temperatures from -30 °C to +100 °C
  • Excellent crack bridging properties
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Not UV resistant
Sikalastic 851 (413 KG)
Sika® Concrete Primer is a two-component, rapid curing, high solids, polyurea/polyurethane-hybrid primer for consistent and durable adhesion of SikaRoof® MTC, Sikalastic® and Sikafloor® Systems on cement based substrates.

Sika® Bonding Primer is a two-component, water based epoxy primer to consolidate substrates and enhance the adhesion of Sikafloor® and Sikagard® products

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