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Size: 5L Pail
Color: White
Sale price£58.13 inc.VAT


SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT: The Ultimate Solution for Mold-Free Spaces

Are you tired of dealing with unsightly mold and algae in your home or construction projects? SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT, the revolutionary coating designed to keep your spaces pristine and protected for up to 10 years.


SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT is a single component, ambient curing, fast drying acrylic coating ideal for multiple substrate applications within the construction and household industries. This paint is specifically formulated to provide superior anti-mould properties, ensuring your surfaces remain free from mold and algae.

Key Features:
  1. Superior Anti-Mould Properties: Protects high mold-prone areas effectively.
  2. Dampproof Protection: Shields surfaces from moisture, preventing mold growth.
  3. Mould and Algae Protection: Ideal for both interior and exterior applications.
  4. Waterbased Low VOC: Environmentally friendly with zero volatile organic compounds.
  5. Fast Drying: Quick application process saves you time.
  6. Application Versatility: Suitable for brush, roller, and spray applications.
  7. Durable Surface: Creates a tough, wipeable paint surface.
  8. Long-Lasting Protection: Prevents mold growth for up to 10 years.

Technical Specifications:

  • Product Chemistry: A single component, ambient curing, acrylic anti-mould coating.
  • Color Options: Available in White, Grey, and Black.
  • Gloss: Matt finish for a sophisticated look.
  • Typical Film Thickness: 100 – 200μm DFT (Dry Film Thickness) per coat.
  • Theoretical Spreading Rate: 7 m²/l at 100μm DFT.
  • Application Methods: Can be applied using a brush, roller, or spray.
  • Volume Solids: 70%, ensuring high coverage and durability.
  • VOC: Zero, making it safe and eco-friendly.
  • Specific Gravity: Approx. 1.40 g/ml.
  • Temperature Resistance: Can withstand temperatures from -40 to 180°C.
  • Surface Preparation: Ensure substrates are clean, dry, and free from contaminants. Clean moldy areas with an appropriate anti-mould solution and allow to dry before applying SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT.

Intended Applications:

SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT is designed for a variety of applications, making it versatile for different environments:

  • Bathrooms and Kitchens: Areas with high humidity where mold is common.
  • Basements: Protects against dampness and mold growth.
  • Exteriors: Safeguards against weather-induced mold and algae.
  • Construction Projects: Ideal for new builds and renovations to prevent future mold issues.

Experience the Difference

Don't let mold compromise the beauty and integrity of your spaces. With SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT, you get unmatched protection combined with ease of application and long-lasting results. Whether you're a homeowner looking to safeguard your living areas or a professional in the construction industry, SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT is the ultimate solution for a mold-free environment.

Choose SIRAMIGUARD ANTI MOULD PAINT from Clever Shield and experience the peace of mind that comes with a clean, protected, and aesthetically pleasing space. Order today and see the difference!


Surface prep / primer recommendation


Cleaning necessary / Primer not required

Brick and Minerals

Cleaning necessary / Primer not required


Cleaning necessary / Primer not required


Cleaning necessary / Primer not required

Existing Paints

Subject to adhesion testing


Substrate temperature & conditions

Substrate temperature should remain between 10 to 50oC and remain 3oC above the dew point and relative humidity should remain 35 - 85% during application.

System specifications 

General substrates, ambient spray (10 to 50oC) application:


Additional information 

Safety precautions

This product is for use only by professional applicators in accordance with information in this Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Refer to the product MSDS before using this material. All usage of this product must be kept in compliance with local, health, safety & environmental conditions & regulations.

Storage & shelf life

Material should be stored in a dry, shaded environment away from heat & ignition sources. Do not allow material to freeze. Shelf life is minimum 12 months at 23oC.

Data Sheet

 Technical Data Sheet

Payment & Security

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