Sureprime Premium Performance Primer for Sureproof Waterproof and Gas proof Membrane

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Sureprime is a liquid premium performance primer made from a blend of bitumen and hydrocarbon solvent.


This primer is applied to the exterior walls of a new build basement, to prepare and consolidate the substrate, and ensure complete adhesion of the Sureproof Waterproofing and Gas proofing membrane. 

Allow Sureprime to completely dry before applying the membrane. Very porous substrates may require more than one coat of primer.

If in doubt, contact the Wykamol Technical Department.

  • Ensures complete adhesion to the substrate
  • Can be applied by brush or roller
  • Interacts perfectly with Sureproof's self-adhesive layer
Sureprime Premium Performance Primer for Sureproof

TDS Sureproof Waterproofing Membrane 2016

Sureprime Premium Performance Primer for Sureproof

SDS Sureprime Premium Performance Primer 2015

Sureprime Premium Performance Primer for Sureproof

BBA Sureproof Waterproofing Membrane 2015

Product Description Sureprime Premium Performance Primer, Black
Product Code SUREPRIME
Packaging and Size 5 Litre Tin
Typical Coverage approx. 20m² in a one coat application, dependent on substrate porosity
Storage Store in a well-ventilated and cool place. Keep container tightly closed and locked up. Keep away from open flames.
Shelf Life TBC


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