Clever Shield proudly supplies the highest quality microcement available in the UK.

Microcement Pro

Microcement is an upscale decorative composite coating crafted from cement, water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments. Its seamless, waterproof, durable, and aesthetically pleasing properties have made Microcement increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses across the UK.

Microcement Systems

This versatile material is ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces, including floors, walls, and ceilings, and can be applied over various existing surfaces like wood, concrete screeds, and tiles. One of Microcement's standout features is its absence of joints, making cleaning and maintenance remarkably easy.

Microcement PRO offers a broad spectrum of possibilities and finishes, limited only by your imagination. It imparts a distinctive and personal touch to spaces with different textures (thick, medium, or fine), a wide range of colors, and various finishes (matte, satin, or gloss).

Microcement Systems

Despite its final surface built up over nine layers (yet only 3mm thick!), Microcement is suitable for floors, walls, stairs, large commercial areas, wet rooms, showers, patios, and even swimming pools. Our artisanal application ensures that each project yields a uniquely special result, with no two surfaces ever alike.

Microcement PRO offers a wide range of microcement finishes, transforming spaces with beautiful and extremely hardwearing floor and wall finishes.

Microcement Systems

Microcement is becoming very popular in the UK due to it’s ability to transform areas over several cementitious layers but with a total build up of just 2-3mm.

Microcement can be used on floors, walls, stairs, large commercial floors, wet rooms, showers, patios and even swimming pools!

Microcement Systems


Due to its seamless, waterproof, hardwearing and beautiful decorative properties, Microcement is becoming incredibly popular amongst residential and business owners across the UK.
One of the best features of Microcement is that it doesn’t need joints, making cleaning and maintenance extremely easy.
Microcement offers a wide range of possibilities and finishes, where the limitations are applied only by you.
Stamp your project with a unique and personal character, thanks to the our different textures (thick, medium or fine), the great variety of colours and the different finishes available.
With the final surface built up over 4-6 layers (yet only 2-3mm thick!), Microcement can be used on a variety of internal and external areas.
10 Years manufacturers warranty.

USES - It can be applied to any hard surface, both indoors and out including (but not limited to):

Over existing tiles or screeds
Existing floors Plastered walls and ceilings
Bathrooms and kitchens
Stairwells and steps

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