New Graco Airless Sprayer

Easy and Fast Coating Application 

Introducing the New Graco E60 electric airless sprayer - making easy and fast application of our sprayable liquid polyurea and SilaCote protective and waterproof membranes.



The NEW Graco E Series is ideal for applying protective and waterproof liquid coatings to flat roofs, roof repair, balconies, floors and most structural waterproofing projects including new basement waterproofing and basement repairs.



"taking the hard work out of the application process"


 "We’ve applied what customers like about the pneumatic King and
developed and designed a full electric driven airless sprayer for
protective coating materials.

Offering a flexible alternative to conventional air operated sprayers as
it works on single phase, 230 Volt (15 Amp) or 110 Volt (25 Amp) power

The electric drive offers great energy efficiency, eliminates all icing
issues and lower noise levels drastically”

For further information please see Graco Airless Sprayers – Clever Shield Coatings UK 

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