Post Office Roof - SilaCote Liquid Coating Application in London
Another London Post Office roof application completed today with SilaCote liquid polymer. The speed of this application was quite fast as SilaCote doesn’t require a primer (100% - Aliphatic - UV Stable – No Colour Change) or a top coat so it saves on material and labour costs.
SilaCote Liquid Roof Coating in London

SilaCote is a fantastic liquid coating for flat roofers as it addresses all the issues such as priming the substrate (silicon technology - no primer required), mixing errors (single component), the over-coating window (there is none), waste (you can reseal the pot ready for the next job) and upstand detailing (it adheres easily to the upstand – no runs).

SilaCote Liquid Roof Coating in London
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SilaCote Liquid Roof Coating in London

Other SilaCote Benefits include:-

✔Single component ready to use system
✔No mixing errors

No primer required

✔Excellent adhesion

Easy to apply

✔No overcoat time limitations
✔Excellent overcoat ability/adhesion to 2nd layer
✔Apply with brush roller or airless spray equipment


✔Solvent free
✔No Isocyanate
✔No VOCs
✔Good mechanical adhesion
✔Excellent resistance to chemicals
✔No hot works

Requires no top coat

✔No colour change
✔100% - Aliphatic - UV Stable
✔100% solids
✔Temperature stability
✔No shrinkage
✔Excellent flow values

Short drying times with early rain resistance

✔Water repellent on application
✔Allows Vapour transfusion
✔Resistant to standing /ponding water
✔No re-emulsifying
✔Applicable under humid or cold conditions
✔Minimal wastage

Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways
Balconies, patios
Recoating failed single ply roofs
Roof detailing, e.g. light domes, air conditioning outlets
Internal plant rooms and wet rooms
Complex detailing, up-stands, penetrations and terminations
Ponds, fountains and water features
Warm roofs, cold roofs, and inverted warm roofs
Green roofs, brown roofs and living walls
Horizontal under-tile waterproofing
Waterproofing gutters, valley gutters and drainage channels
20 Year manufacturer’s warranty on product
SilaCote Liquid Roof Coating in London

Adheres To

Asbestos or fibre cement
Profiled metal roofs
Aged/weathered felt
Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) - Contact technical
Most single ply membranes - Contact technical
Sprayed polyurethane foam
Tar and gravel
Modified bitumen
Built-up systems (BUR)
Cap sheet
Torch down mineral felt
Most existing roof coatings
WPB plywood OSB Cement board
20 year manufactures warranty.
IBG available.
Fully BBA and ETAG compliant.
Flat roof coatings