Ultraflex Roof Paint and High-Performance Liquid Waterproofing System


A full range of Ultraflex High-Performance liquid waterproofing products with free delivery to London and most of the UK. 

Both BBA and NHBC Approved.

Ultraflex has been consciously manufactured to be usable for both industry professional and DIYer alike, on substrates ranging from torch-on felt and plywood, to metal and concrete.

ULTRAFLEX® is ideal for new constructions and restoration work.
Perfect for waterproofing roofs, terraces, balconies, canals, drains, and more.

ULTRAFLEX® is cold-applied, single-component, moisture-reactive, polyurethane liquid membrane that forms a continuous waterproof membrane that is perfect for waterproofing roofs. For new constructions and restoration work.

No Primer No Waiting Time No Wastage Useful life of over 25 years

Application of carpark system

  1. Apply following general recommendations detailed on Ultraflex application instructions, including temperature checks and substrate preparation recommendations.
  2. Priming ULTRAPRIME PRO. Open the 2 components and mix thoroughly. Apply a layer of 150 – 200grs to all areas to be coated. Once Ultraprime is dry (in about 2 hours) it will be ready to be coated.
  3. Open Ultraflex drum and the QUICKCURE and mix thoroughly for 2 minutes before using. Apply the mixed Ultraflex on a wet on wet system, at a minimum coverage rate of 2kg per m2. Drying time will be approx. 2 hours depending on weather, fully cured in 24 hours.
    Coverage: A drum of Ultraflex will cover around 7 sqm depending on the surface.
  4. ULTRATOP WR: Mix the 2 components thoroughly and apply a 150grs layer of Ultratop WR topcoat once the Ultraflex is fully cured and no later than 48 hours after Ultraflex application. While wet, broadcast the aggregate onto the Ultratop WR and apply another layer of 150grs to encapsulate the aggregate.

Ultraflex Car Park Deck

System components: 

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