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Ceramic Brushable Green Epoxy Coating

Size: Ceramic Brushable Green (4x500g)
Sale price£132.10 inc.VAT


Ceramic Brushable Green is a green coloured, ceramic-filled epoxy coating which is abrasion resistant and brush applied to protect and seal surfaces.

It can be applied to new and repaired surfaces and is reinforced with silicone carbide, setting to an ultra-smooth finish to reduce damage caused by abrasion. It provides excellent protection against corrosion, chemical attack, cavitation, erosion and pitting, and is effective on metals, wood and most plastics.

Ceramic Brushable Green is typically used to repair heavy damage to silos, chutes, mills, pumps, metal castings, tanks and other machine parts subjected to high-wear and abrasion.

When used in conjunction with Ceramic Brushable Blue, a two-layer wear indicator coating can be created. Once the lower coating begins showing through the upper, it is possible to identify worn areas which require further protection via re-application of epoxy.

With a 90 minute gel time, Ceramic Brushable Green can be mixed in larger quantities without the worry that it will cure before completion. Sylmasta recommend the use of Ceramic Brushable to clients in warmer climates because of this longer work time.

A faster working version with a 45 minute gel time is available upon request. For more information, please contact Sylmasta.

How to create abrasion resistant surfaces with Ceramic Green Epoxy Coating

Before applying Ceramic Brushable Green, surfaces should be free of paint, rust and grime before being roughened up through either grit blasting or grinding with a coarse wheel or abrasive disk pad. Full instructions detailing the preparation process can be found on the Technical Data Sheet and are provided with the product.

Ceramic Brushable Green should be applied as soon as the preparation procedure is completed. To ease the mixing process, the resin container has enough room to dispense all the hardener into the resin, so that it can be applied with a brush straight from the container.

The epoxy is brush applied and each coating should be 0.5-1.00mm thick. To ensure a pinhole-free coating, at least two coats are needed. The re-coating time between coats is approximately 4-8 hours after applying. A full functional cure is achieved 24 hours after the final coat at 22°C.

The light consistency of Ceramic Brushable Green makes it easy to mix and apply with little sag. It is virtually odourless, with no unpleasant smell, can be easily machined and is temperature resistant to 150°C.

To create a two-layer wear indicator coating, a topcoat of one colour of Ceramic Brushable is applied over a basecoat of another colour. When the basecoat colour begins to show through, it is an indication of high-wear. Another coating of epoxy should be added for further protection.

Benefits of Ceramic Brushable Green

  • Easily mixed and applied – just paint onto a surface using a brush
  • Protects against abrasion, corrosion and cavitation
  • Creates an ultra-smooth, glass-like finish to all surfaces
  • Extremely hard setting
  • Longer working time allows for complex jobs to be carried out


  • Protecting new equipment from wear and corrosion
  • Providing a final topcoat over repaired surfaces
  • Protecting silos, chutes, mills, pumps, impeller blades, valves, fan blades, metal castings, tanks and other machine parts in abrasive environments
  • Increasing resistance against corrosion and chemical attack
  • Creating a two-layer wear indicator coating when used with Ceramic Brushable Blue
  • Reinforcing castings by filling voids

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