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Desmopol Tecnotop 2C

Save £6.01 inc.VAT

Size: Topcoat B 1kg (7043) DG
Color: Neutral
Sale price£24.99 inc.VAT Regular price£31.00 inc.VAT



Two-component, aliphatic polyurethane resin suitable as a flooring and UV rays protection

NOTE: Both part A & B are REQUIRED for the complete coating.

Two-component coloured, aliphatic, glossy finish, polyurethane solvent-based resin for decoration, flooring and protection of Tecnocoat and Desmopol waterproofing liquid systems. Once dried, it forms a hard, strong seamless and continuous film, with excellent adhesion and mechanical properties, resistant to weathering, extreme temperatures, resistant to the UV radiation. It is suitable for coating protection for traffic-car


150~300 g/sqm(depending on final scope)

For use with:

Desmopol (Technopol)

Single-component liquid, polyurethane solvent-based, moisture-cured to form a solid, aromatic, completely adhered to the substrate, seamless, without joints or overlaps, watertight and waterproof membrane to be used on new buildings or refurbishments. It can be applied by short-nap acrylic wool roll, notched trowel, or specific electric equipment.


For application in the following situations:

  • ROOFING: Sloped/flat walkable roofs, IRMA, balconies, and overhangs.(ETA 10/0121, BBA 16/5340)
  • Green roof(ETA 10/0121, BBA 16/5340)
  • BRIDGE-DECK:Liquid applied bridge-deck waterprooring ( ETA 21/0734)
  • Structural concrete slabs, and concrete walls and foundations
  • Swimming pools, artificial lakes, and ponds - Near seawater
  • Flat or sloped asbestos roofs (on TECNOFOAM, spray polyurethane foam system)
  • As a protection for SPF (TECNOFOAM, spray polyurethane foam system)

NOTE: call our technical department about the application to other substrates or scopes of use 0800 7022176

Application Method

Add Desmothix in the proportion needed (maximum 1 liter per 25 kg of Desmopol. The mixing ratio is relative to the job site situation We recommend to add initially 20 ml/kg of the PU membrane and check it.

If necessary and/or if it were deemed convenient, add more additive up to a maximum of 40 ml/kg de PU membrane. Mixing continued until a homogeneous product Apply the mixture by short nap roll


1.5kg - 1.8kg / m2

Application methods
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Airless Spray
  • Squeegee
  • Trowel

Widespread systems 2~3 thin coats

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