EleRoof MMA and PUMA Coating System

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PUMA Membrane (25KG): MMA Top Coat (20KG Grey)
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This system is fast curing, flexible for crack bridging and also passes the B Roof T4 test which is essential on the majority of projects. This system can be used on plywood, concrete and even asphalt with a very long lifespan and service life of 15-25 years depending on the specification. Whilst PUMA systems are not the lowest cost option, when you take into account lifespan (a PU system is usually 10-15years), speed of installation (lower labour costs) and weather resistance during application (less downtime on the project) then it pays for itself.

MMA Typical System Build-up

EleRoof  MMA and PUMA Roof and Floor Coating Systems Build-up

Guide Prices

3 specification levels for this product:

Roofing Spec 1 – 25 Year Warranty - Full fleece, 2.8kg membrane and top coat - £45.95 / m2

Roofing Spec 2 – 20 Year Warranty - Full fleece, 2kg of membrane and top coat - £38.95 / m2

Roofing Spec 3 – 10 year Warranty - Full Fleece, 2kg of membrane without top coat - £19.95 / m2

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