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EPDM Membrane Fix

Size: 150mm x 20m x 4 Rolls
Color: Black
Size 150mm x 20m x 4 Rolls
Colour black
Pack Type roll
Box Unit 4
Short Description EPDM membrane, water and airtight, self adhesive, 0.8mm thick, CE: EN 13984
Price Per Unit £71.82
Sale price£331.95 inc.VAT


Air- and watertight membrane

Air- and watertight EPDM based membrane used for the weatherproofing of external façades, typically between the window frame and building envelope. Comes with self adhesive butyl based strip. 0,8mm thick membrane. Conforms to CE: EN 13984. Supplied in various roll widths.

Open technical data sheet

  • Air- and watertight
  • Adhesive strip for adhesion to the façade element/window frame (= time-saving mounting)
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Good weather and UV resistance
  • Resistant against alkali
  • Resistant against micro-organisms
  • Stays elastic
  • Flexible
  • High tear resistance
  • Complies with EN13984

Technical data sheet

  • Depending on the situation, the installation of EPDM Membrane Fix can be carried out before or after the installation of the façade elemement (eg window frame). Cut EPDM Membrane Fix 10 cm to 20 cm longer than the length of the relevant facade element (eg window frame). This acquires 5 cm to 10 cm extra on both sides to overlap the corners. Partially remove the protective foil from the self-adhesive strip so that EPDM Membrane Fix can be applied to the facade element (eg window frame). Remove the protective foil evenly and press firmly over the entire length. Avoid folds while doing so (= possible air leakage). Start at the bottom of the facade element and work upwards for a good drainage. After installing the facade element, fill up the connection joint between window frame and structure with a suitable PU foam (eg Flexifoam). After full curing of the PU-foam (and possibly cutting it off) EPDM Membrane Fix is bonded to the structure with Soudaseal EPDM. To do so, apply a 5 to 6 mm thick and uninterrupted (= airtight!) adhesive bead. Calculate +/- 1 adhesive bead per 5 cm EPDM width. Apply the foil, not too tight, on the structure to absorb any movements between the various building elements but avoid folds. Then press the foil evenly, with a pressure roller, so that a 1 to 2 mm thick adhesive layer of approx. 25 mm wide is obtained. That way there is sufficient bonding surface and the adhesive can cure well. The overlapping parts of the EPDM Membrane Fix (eg in the corners) must be bonded with Soudaseal EPDM. The bonding can only be loaded after full curing of the adhesive. Consult the technical data sheet of the adhesive for this.
  • For air- and watertight sealing of connections, foundations (against rising dampness) and Window and door connections: outside inner leaf (prior to application of the facade insulation), outside massive walls, outside ventilated facades and under the window (or door) sill.

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